Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May Quilting Accomplishments

In May I started out STRONG, then sewing and quilting took a backseat to life. Quilt retreat was phenomenal and I really got a lot done. I made 6 quilt tops and a couple backings, so I am ready to quilt those when I get some time. I ended up doing quite a bit of embroidery which worked out okay too, but it is a lot of work to get set up.
I embroidered my work bag.
Quilt 2013-05-16 001
I embroidered a sewing bag
Quilt 2013-05-16 003
I made Mathew a monkey blankie.
Quilt 2013-05-16 004
I embroidered a tote for Gaila.
I embroidered a hat for Mathew, he probably won't wear until next summer.
I quilted and embroidered pillow shams for my dad for his retirement party. It was interesting learning how to use the software to do this style of embroidery.
I also baked my dad a couple pies for his birthday. I made a lemon meriengue and it failed miserably thanks to too many kids and too much multi-tasking.
I did however do really well with the meriengue on the sour cream raisin. It was awesome.
I spent the majority of the month on my managerial communications graduate class. I finished last night and I am so looking forward to having a month off! I am going to get lots of sewing done, or so I hope anyway.

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