Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What am I working on Wednesday? Week 44 10.31.12

The last two weeks have been very busy! Although it doesn't seem like I got a lot of sewing done, I actually did quite a bit. Last Wed. night I finished up the Briar Rose Quilt top. It looks gorgeous and I am so excited to quilt it. I have the backing fabric already and I just need the frame set up again.
Briar rose to finished
I also sewed together the strip sets for my star quilt. I pressed them on Thurs. night. and cut them out. It was still early so I started sewing them together. I got half of the star diamonds done.

Monday night I put the rest of the star diamonds together and sewed them into a top.  Last night before I got home, Paul finished the flooring in the kids room! Now he just has to put up the base and we can start moving the furniture around. I'm so excited! I can finally set my sewing machine back up.
Last night I added the setting triangles and then it was still early, so I put on the borders. The borders really finished the quilt for me! Untitled
The borders are from my mom's stash. I had only enough of the final border to make it 4.5", but I love it. Mom used this same fabric for the background of her star. I have some of the first border that I will use in the backing. It's going to be a pieced back with a lot of scraps! I'm definately using up mom's stash.
This is my center point. It's not the best picture, but I was trying to show how my seams met perfectly! I didn't baste or re-sew it, it came out perfect the first time.
This is mom's star quilt that she did back in 2009. I gave it to my brother.

Mom's Star Quilt

Finished this week:
Briar Rose Top
Star Quilt Top
Ongoing projects: Sign Language Diaper Clutch, baby blankets
Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Pink/Green Jungle Animal Baby Quilt - Need to make backing
Confetti Top
Twisted Heart
Merry Go Round
Autumn Star Quilt
Briar Rose
New Projects: NONE!
No progress:
Ed's Crown Royal Quilt
Dilly Dally Baby Girl Quilt

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Sara said...

I really love that star quilt. The colors are so fun and lively.