Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday Week 41 10.10.12

I am going stir crazy this week! We tore out the carpet in the extra room on Saturday, so all of my sewing stuff is packed up and in numerous places around the house. Paul is putting hardwood laminate down in the room and it's taking longer than I expected. Luckily I had most of my stuff gathered for class tonight so I didn't have to dig too much. I haven't been able to sew all week and it's driving me mad, especially since this was the last weekend I didn't have homework to do. Class started again and now I'm swamped with getting several papers done before Sunday and we're going to be out of town.
This week I am working on the binding of the Mocha Meringue quilt. I have about 1 1/2 sides done.I left it at work, thinking the floor would be done on Sat. and I'd get to sew on Sunday. I didn't get to do any sewing!  It's been cold, so we've stayed inside on breaks, so I did get a bit of handwork done on it. Still a ways to go though. I did finish the Blush quilt binding, so I feel at least a small bit got accomplished.
Mocha Meringue
Thursday night while I still had the sewing machine up I worked on block 3 of my Swoon quilt. I feel like I've gotten lots accomplished on this quilt since I made kits up for it last week. I did have to unpick a few seams and re-do a few blocks for this one, but it turned out nicely. The picture was taken with my phone and lighting isn't good, but the block is done!
While I haven't been able to sew this week, I thought I would use the time to be productive and "scrapbook" Mikaela's first year. I use the term loosely because my friend made me like 50 pages and ALL I had to do was cut out the pictures and glue them on. My hand hurt so bad after about 25 pages and running out of glue that I quit on Sat. I nursed my sore hand all weekend and can finally use it again. I've used the last few nights on the computer to pick through my pictures and organize them by month, started writing on the backs with the dates taken, and uploaded somewhere near 400 pictures to to print when they go on sale a bit cheaper. Almost 100 of those were quilt related pictures to put in my quilt journals, which I have seriously neglected the past year as well. I finally uploaded all my July-Sept. pictures to my external hard drive as well. I feel like I'm making headway, but need to get more glue and get back to work on the scrapbook. I'm really irritated with Webshots and the changes they've made, so I need to figure out how to manage my pictures better so they are still easy to blog with. 

Finished this week:

Blush Quilt

Ongoing projects:  (and progress this week on them)
Sign Language Diaper Clutch
Batik Scrappy Quilt - All the blocks and edge pieces sewn!
Hugs & Kisses Batik quilt -
Hugs & Kisses Scrappy Quilt
Swoon - Sewed 1 block and kitted 6 more.

Quilts Needing Hand sewing on Binding

Mocha Meringue Wonder Blocks- worked on binding.

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Pink/Green Jungle Animal Baby Quilt - Need to make backing
Confetti Top - At the shop
Twisted Heart - At the shop
Merry Go Round - Needs backing made.
Autumn Star Quilt - needs backing

New Projects:

No progress:
Ed's Crown Royal Quilt - Started sashing - Need to get a move on, he's getting married
Dilly Dally Baby Girl Quilt

This week's stats:
Completed projects - 1
New projects -
Currently in progress -5
Finished this year - 55, 12 Samples

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Dee said...

Love, love, love your Swoon!

Aubrie S said...

Gorgeous fabric in the swoon block! Looks great!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Love the fabric in your Swoon block! Kate Spain's Terrain, I think:)

marcella said...

You sure have gotten a lot accomplished without a sewing room! Your swoon block is lovely.