Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flowers and More Sewing

I was productive again last night, I just figured you were tired of seeing the halloween candy corn table topper again, so I didn't take more pictures. I made another candy corn table topper, start to finish in 1.5 hours, which included the quilting and binding, but it was all cut out, so I figure it's about a 2 hour project. I also started cutting out the tree skirt I'm making from the same pattern, Happy Holidays by Atkinson Designs,  but I'm using the Adoring fabrics. I think it's going to turn out really cute in the end, but it's going to be huge. I have to wait to borrow a bigger 60* ruler as my biggest is 8" and these pieces are 11".
Last night I watered the flowers, cleaned, did dishes, and sewed! I'm being super productive with Paul gone. He called last night and they are working long days, so he was really tired. Usually when he gets home, he waters the flowers, the green peppers, and tomato plants, so I'm in charge of those now.
My marigolds are doing amazingly well. This is the first year I've planted them, but I absolutely love them as they remind me so much of my grandma Elaine. She used to plant them every year at the front of her garden along the pathway from the house to the garage and they were huge and gorgeous. I'm collecting the dead ones now, so I have more seeds to plant next year. These were my favorites, the multicolored ones.
I got a package of yellow too.
I also planted petunias and a geranium in this potter. The geranium is done for the year, but the petunias are hanging in there. I have a row of the petunias too and they are really quite pretty still. It's a good thing Paul watered all summer as I'm just not a good gardener, but love the colors of the flowers.

Watch for my Fall into Fall Giveaway starting on Friday! I'll be giving away a variety of sewing/quilting related items. One never knows what I might find to put in the giveaway basket.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You're making me look lazy again! Glad you're getting so much done and I'll be looking forward to a giveaway from you! Wooohooooo!!!

piecesofpatti said...

Oooh.....a giveaway! I'm in! I too am glad you are getting so much done.......I however, am being lazy, must stop this laziness and get busy!

Brigitte said...

I remember the pretty flowers that your grandma Elaine had in her yard!

Judy said...

What a neat bag!
Love the flowers too...Can never have too many they are so pretty.