Friday, September 10, 2010

Candy Corn Table Toppers

Last weekend I made these two Candy Corn Table Toppers. I can't believe how cute they turned out. I sent my mom a cell phone picture, but when she saw them in person she said it looked so much better than the cell phone picture. I was able to get the binding done on both because I had lots of waiting time at Dr. appointments this week. When I got the pattern it called for fat eights and since I couldn't get them, I got fat quarters, so I decided to just double the yardage and have enough to make two. The yardage is generous and I have enough to make another tabletopper the same way. I figure they will make really cute gifts for friends and to have at my office. Hobby Lobby has the cutest candy corn dish to put in the center, so I'll be getting a couple more when they go on sale again.
I made the first one, which took no time at all, then I cut out the second one and it went even quicker. I was able to piece the top in under an hour. I probably spend about 3 hours total on each of these.
Here they are together. They are about 24" across, so pretty large and these are the small size!
I used a king tut flower power orange/yellow verigated thread and Gold Bottomline on the back since I used the candy corn for the backing too. They both quilted up fairly quickly and I was able to sew the binding on in less than an hour.


Barb said...

Those turned out so cute. I think I may have that pattern as well. Atkinson designs always work up so well... and they just opened a HObby Lobby by me so I'll have to go check out their fabric selections.

Janet said...

These are so cute!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Those are really cute!