Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fabric, Fabric, and More Fabric

I've been doing lots of sewing/quilting, but nothing really to show other than the fabric I've been working with. Mom and I are making a quilt(s) out of my great aunt's old clothes for her. They are all double knit polyesters, so very different than what we normally work with. We cut out 12.5" and 6.5" squares and are planning to do  4 patchsalternating with the 12" squares. Mom and I both worked on cutting them on Sun., then split up the rest of the clothes and worked on our own this week. We both got done yesterday, so I gave her my stack and she's going to work on the 4 patches. Hopefully by next week we'll be able to sew them together. Here's a sampling of the different colors we're working with. Since neither of us are scrappy people, this is going to be a bit of a challenge. We hope to get the top together next week and then I'll quilt it.
IMG_0616  IMG_0617
I've also been busy making a bag out of this pheasant fabric. I'm using the Lazy Girl Summer Tote bag pattern, but putting my own spin on it. I'm quilting it instead of fusing it and doing long inside pockets instead of outside ones. Friday night I got all the pieces quilted and cut out. Now I just need some time to put it together. It's hard to see, but I used a golden verigated King Tut thread to quilt and it blends right in. Pheasant season starts in a few short weeks, so I've really got to get busy and finish this one ASAP!
IMG_0618  IMG_0620
My other fun project is a tree skirt for our Christmas tree. I picked out these fabrics from the Adoring line and am going to use the Atkinson Designs table topper pattern in the large size, with the strips. The first six pieces are the strips, the first read is binding, second red is contrast, the cream with trees is the background, and the holiday balls fabric is the backing. I'm so excited to work on it this weekend!
I have lots of plans for the weekend, so I'm sure I won't get them all done! This is the first weekend in the last 6 months where I'm: Off work, NO papers dues, and we're staying HOME! I love being gone, I'm doing well in my masters program, and I love my second job, but it is so relaxing to know I can sew this weekend. My weekend goals include finishing the Pheasant bag, quilting the brown/teal quilt, and hopefully getting the tree skirt top done.
My wonderful amazing hubby is finishing his first project as a supervisor at work today. I'm so proud of him, but am going to miss him so much next week when he starts working 3 hours away. He'll be gone all week, so I hope to get some quilting done. I'll probably have some friends over for an evening of sewing too!
I finished my 2nd masters class this week and got an A! I'm so excited to have it finished. It was really hard having a class in the summer. I just was not motivated to work on it. I'm taking a class this fall that starts on Oct.4th. and then I'm taking the Winter term off for baby.
Since we found out what we're having, we haven't told anyone, except our parents. I haven't even bought anything gender related.... until I was in an LQS the other day. I picked up this really cute baby flannel. It's gender specific, so I took the picture in black and white, but I love all the sayings. It's so super cute!
IMG_0623  IMG_0625
Here's to a great weekend of sewing and quilting. Hopefully I'll have some finished projects to show next week!

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piecesofpatti said...

That sounds like a fabulous idea and the colors are very pretty! I am working on UFO's.....kind of in a 'gitter done' mood! Hope you are still feeling daughter is on strict bed rest now and is not due until Feb. She is so bored! I am trying to think of things to send her to ease the boredom! Have a great weekend!