Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mesa's Shower

This past weekend I went to my parents after work on Sat. Mom and I planned to work on Vi's quilt, but the main reason I went was to attend the baby shower for my grade school friend Lindsey and her baby Mesa. I made the Wanna Be A Cowboy quilt for her, but I couldn't say that when I was making it, since she's a faithful reader of my blog. I absolutely love this fabric and have enough to make maybe one or two more things out of it. Sure hope Riley Blake comes out with something similar for next year in both boy and girl colors.
Lindsey's reading the label. 
Opening the Quilt: She loved it.
My mom made this super cute bunting and hat for her.
The hat fit perfectly!
It was such a nice shower and so enjoyable to visit with friends and neighbors. I loved seeing all the fun things she got. It makes me want to go register for baby stuff.
Mom and worked more on the quilt after the shower, then I had to head home. My last paper of the quarter was due... and I had procrastinated and not finished it. I got it done and turned in, so class is over!

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cowgirl commentaries said...

EEEEEE!!!!!! Mesa and I LOVED the quilt! I can't believe we were the recipients of that quilt. I had admired it when I saw it on the site, so I couldn't believe it was Mesa's! Your attention to detail is evident, as this quilt showcases your superb workmanship. I hope you know how special this gift is to us! Thank you!