Monday, August 24, 2009

Mom's Halloween Wall Hanging

August has been a slow finishing month for me. I've worked on lots of projects, but don't have many finishes to show for it. I've gotten tired of doing bags and purses, so I decided to work on some wall hangings and other UFO's. I've worked on my RWB Siggy Quilt, the jungle baby quilt wall hanging, cut out the zoo baby quilt, and got part of the top of the teal/brown quilt done. In the past week I've cut out 3 tablerunners, quilted all the pieces for 2 sweatshirt jackets, and quilted a Halloween wall hanging for myself. Thurs. I quilted my sweatshirt jacket pieces and then put a Halloween panel on the frame to quilt for my wall at work. Friday night I put the binding on my Halloween wall hanging. I've been sewing it down while waiting for the concerts to start this week. I should have it done by the time they are done on Tues. night. Since I had the machine ready and the thread on, I quilted this wall hanging for mom. She had given it to me a while ago, but I hadn't been doing a lot of quilting. It seems like when I start quilting on the frame I do several things at a time and then quit for a while. It just needed a little squaring up of the back and a bit of the batting sewn together. Total time, I think it took me less than an hour to quilt it yesterday. Mom's wall hanging just needs eyes!
After I got it done yesterday I put mom's sweatshirt jacket pieces on the frame and quilted all of them. It's been interesting quilting without a backing. I spray basted the pieces to the top fabric and then stretched the top as though it was the bottom piece. Then I quilted the pieces, front, back, and two sleeves. I'm hoping to get them all serged up on Wed. night. I'm not going to the rock concert that night, so I should have enough time to get them done and then I just need to put the binding on both jackets. Sometimes I just need motivation to get UFO's done. Mom and I were planning to go to a trunk show on Fri. night, so I wanted to get them done. I don't think we'll be going now, but I'm so close to finishing that I want to get the jackets done. I've had the fabric to do these since Nov. I also have to do bias binding on them. I made bias binding for my wall hanging this week and it went together perfectly! I think I can do it now without too many problems.
Saturday after work Paul and I went to the demo derby at the fair. It was so good and lots of fun to watch. I hadn't been to one in a while, but it was fun to cheer on my classmate and friends of my little bro. My little bro works for Olson Towing now and they sponsered a car, so I cheered for it. Ed's the youngest of my two brothers, but was always the bigger one, but not so much anymore! Ed has lost a considerable amount of weight and has turned into a very handsome man. I'll always be his little sister though, since he's almost a foot taller than me. I'm so proud of him! His motto: Put down the fork! So true are those words to live by.
Last night mom, a co-worker, and I went to the Chris Cagle/Heidi Newfield concerts. Heidi was okay and I was so looking forward to Chris Cagle, but he had to cut it short after about 30 min, because of lightning and very strong winds. I was so disappointed because I have seen him in concert twice, once from the front row and he is so good! Tonight we are going to Rodney Atkins and Dustin Evans. I love Dustin Evans and I think I have all of his CD's so I'm excited!


piecesofpatti said...

I just love fall and all the colors! The halloween wall hanging looks great! I think you do a fabulous job on your UFO's! Better than me!!!!!

Jen said...

Yea!! You added the "you might also like" too!! Your mom's wallhanging looks great. Ed's more than a foot taller than you isn't he?? He's crazy tall!! I'm feeling like I haven't finished much this month too.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

You know you say that you haven't finished much but it seems to me that you have been really busy. Love your moms wall hanging great minds must think alike I have that pattern too and haven't done anything with it. Can't wait to see your sweatshirts.

Jenn Boerger said...

Hope you're having fun at the fair this week - did you enter a quilt?