Thursday, March 27, 2008

May/June Quilter's Home

Last week Mark Lipinski posted on his blog that the new Quilter's Home would be arriving on newstands anyday. I asked if they had it at the quilt shop and they get their magazine deliveries on Wed., so last night I went to pick up my copy. I'm glad I got there when I did as there were only 2 left! They had sold a bunch yesterday. I think my favorite article so far is what to pack in the Quilter's Tool Kit.
Since I am going sewing tonight I checked to see if I had everything he recommended. While I do have a seperate travel sewing kit, I don't have quilte all the rulers he recommended as a second set. I do have them in my normal sewing room though. I keep my extra 6X12" and 6 1/2" square and a 1X6" rulers in my travel set.
Does everyone else have a second set of their most prized sewing gadgets specifically set aside for traveling to classes? Or, do you have to rummage around your sewing room, hoping to remember everything you need? I think my $50 investment (50% off notions at Hancock's) has been the best money I ever spent. I have almost everything I need for sewing away from home in one neat, square, 2"X12" bag. If you sew away from home once a month or more, I highly recommend a travel set of supplies. You'll be glad it's all set and ready to go when you are!


Carol Van Rooy said...

I suppose I'd never thought about it. Because I'm quite new to quilting, I'm still acquiring the basics necessary for my at home supplies.

Jen said...

Man! They didn't have the new one last night at Patched Works. I worked my firt night last night too. =)

I'll have to hunt it down. I'm guilty, I do NOT have a separate kit and I sew away from home a LOT. It would even help if I had a list of stuff to take with me each time.

Maureen said...

I do not have a second setof supplies...I round mine up and take it along. Ohh well this does sound like a good long term investment. Thanks for sharing.


Regina said...

I don't have a "kit" - but I probably should... it would save LOTS of packing time!

Suzan said...

I have a second set of most things that I keep in a tote for travel. I don't have extra rulers so I have to remember to throw those in when I pack up.

Strange how two "quilt" magazines had articles about packing for retreats or whatever. The one in American Patchwork & Quilting (BH&G) suggested taking your task chair! Never occurred to me but I have mine packed in the car for the retreat this weekend!