Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. I'm doing my part not to get pinched by wearing my green.
This weekend just went by in a tail spin. Paul's mom got out of the hospital on Friday night, so I met them there before Paul took her home. I met up with my friend Becca for supper. We haven't seen each other in ages, but had a really good visit and supper at Olive Garden was excellent.
Sat. morning Paul worked, so I was up at 6:30 when he left, which is way too early for a Sat. morning! I fell back asleep on the couch for a couple hours though. I got up and did laundry and cleaned house till he got home and while he took a nap, I sewed. I put the handles on another mini miranda bag and the velcro closures on two. I really wanted to start another, but I held back. Paul and I ended ups spending Sat. evening shopping for a new design wall for me. I now own a 4x8 sheet of high density foam board and 4 1/2 yds of fleece to cover it!
Sunday, being Palm Sunday I went to church early, thinking I would beat the snow we were supposed to get. I went to church and it was dry, but all through church I watched it snow very heavily! By the time I came home it was slick and we had a good inch. I decided I was staying home all day!
Paul took out the staircase to the upstairs and put in a new oak staircase on Sunday. I just stayed out of the way and it went really quickly. I locked myself downstairs in the sewing room and put the binding on both of my YBR quilts that Jen sent back and I received on Fri. They look so awesome! She's such a great friend for quilting them for me. They just need labels now. I also made two muslin sizes of the bridesmaids dress to send to one of them. The first one was too small. They went out in the mail today, so I'm glad I got them done. I also got the flowergirls dress muslin cut out, so just have to sew that together and have her try it on. I don't feel like I got a whole lot done, but I guess two bindings and two 1/2 muslins is quite a bit for one day! Tonight I'm hoping to get the flannel on my design wall so I can work on the church banner quilt.


Jen said...

What did I miss? Why was Paul's mom in the hospital? Is she ok? I'm sooo glad you like the quilts!!! You must be thrilled to have them crossed off your list!

Michelle said...

I agree. What did I miss with Paul's mom? I bet your quilts look great all finished. And what's the deal with you thinking you didn't get much done sewing? Helloooooo! Binding,purse completions, and two muslins? I swear! You won't ever have to worry about competition from me! You girls just make my head spin sometimes!

Amelia said...

One busy lady you are...sounds like you accomplished mega stuff.