Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Design Wall

I won't say I'm genious, but when I need something I improvise or I figure a way to get it done. A couple weeks ago mom came over and we worked on the church banner. It was so hard to work on it since it's the size of a bed and in my little sewing room we weren't able to spread it out. We would take it up, lay it on the bed, do some work, then go back to the sewing room to work on it. This weekend Paul and I went to Menards and got a 4x8 sheet of high density foam board, and to wal-mart for 4 1/2 yards of flannel and last night I sewed the flannel together and stapled the flannel onto the foam board for a design wall.
Yes, it's big! There is a futon next to my sewing machine and I set it on that and was able to lay out the entire bottom section of the church banner. Since the foam is so strong, it is a great wall to lay the fabric out on. Tonight mom is coming out and we are going to work on the landscape part on the bottom of the quilt. This is the part that kind of freaks me, so it's a good thing mom is helping. I'm hoping we can get the fabric for the landscape on so that I can start stitching down the hills.


Jen said...

Oh Oh Oh, I have an idea!! Now, get clear vinyl and staple it to the back so that it can flap over to the front when not in use. Then you could slide it beind or under the futon when not in use or between projects and not worry about your pieces coming loose or getting dusty.

Amelia said...

Jen has a great idea.

What is the picture you are putting on the banner? Be sure to show us pictures when it is completed.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I assume your mom is a FANTASTIC sewer??