Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year Sewing!

Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by to visit this year. I really appreciate all the friends and followers I have made through blogging and hope you'll join me for another year of my sewing and quilting adventures. This year is sure to be amazing! I appreciate all your comments and sharing ideas with everyone.

This year thanks to my Accounting and Finance for Managers class, I really looked at the classes I was teaching and decided to revamp what classes I was offering. This included choosing some new classes to teach and shortening the time of some classes. One of the best classes I teach is the Professional Tote class, so I decided to offer the mini professional tote as a class. The only problem with new classes? I have to make new samples and I forgot how time consuming it is to make a PT. This one is no different. I probably spent close to 15 hours working on it. It is made a bit differently, so I had to do some un-stitching and really read the directions. I used fabric I have on hand and love, so when it is done as a sample I will want to use it. Maybe by then I won't be carrying a diaper bag anymore.

The inside of the bag has a gathered pocket. I used light fabric for the lining, so it is easier to see.

There are more zippers in this version, in different spots. I love the zipper facings, but boy I can see how my students could be confused.

I decided to try the D rings on this one and really like how they turned out.

After spending most of yesterday afternoon finishing the MPT, I got to work on a table runner UFO. It's one of moms and I am so glad to have it done. It wasn't hard, I just hadn't taken the time to check out what needed to be done to it.

I am not really liking the gold on the tree with the silver on the table runner, but that is how she cut it out, so I went with it. It's going to be a gift for an exchange this weekend. Would you consider it to be worth $15 or should I add something extra to it? The person receiving it knew mom, so it will have special significance.

I also finished this snow flake one. These are both quilt as you go with applique on them.

My SIL to be, lost a close family member, so I wanted to make her something. I didn't have time to make a quilt and the ones I have made, just do not suit her, so I decided to make a fleece blanket and embroider her name. She loves frogs, so I asked my little bro if she would like it. He said yeah. I plan to give it to her at the funeral tomorrow.

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Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] said...

Love your two runners. The snowflake one is my favorite! Your future SIL will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness!

juliehallfeldhaus said...

You get so much done!!!!

LynCC said...

So nice of you, making the frog blanket. How could she not adore it? :)

Sara said...

I think the person who knew your mom will love having something that she worked on and you finished. Very personal.