Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Finishes

This week was incredibly productive! I feel almost giddy with how much I got done on my to do list. I also did a lot of prep work for quilting and that makes me excited. If I can get the 4 quilts quilted that I have in the que I will be very excited next week. Last night after messing with the Star Surround top for way too long I worked on this table topper. It had the center and 2 pieces on, so not very far along. I finished it up! I whipped it out in an evening, including putting the binding on, simply because I wanted to use the pink ribbon bag it was taking up space in. Not a great reason, but at least it is done.
I love this fabric, but it's done. I am completely over it and I only kept the big scraps of it. The 1 1/2" pieces went in the trash. I can only keep so much before I go crazy and I am not buying any more to finish up what I have!
I also made these 3 bags this week. I am simply in love with them and can't wait to share with others. The purple one is my new travel EPP bag and I love it. The size is perfect. These are all from scraps.
So with any luck I will have a quilting marathon on Sat. evening and get at least one or 2 tops quilted up. That's my plan and we'll see what my family has planned instead. We've gotten a couple inches of rain today already and the snow is very quickly melting away.


Kelly Young said...

That table topper is very cute. I've done that with fabric before. I always feel guilty at first and then a little relieved, haha!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

audrey said...

Ooh, that table topper is so cute! I love the fabrics you used! I really should make one of these...and soon! :)

hydeeannsews said...

i can't believe you've had snow already! wow. indoor time must mean quilting and sewing, right? =)

thanks for stopping by my blog. you should join the epp link party! i'd love to see what you have going.