Thursday, October 10, 2013

Productive October Sewing

This month has been extremely productive, even though we were in a major blizzard and without power last Friday and Saturday. Sunday night and Monday I was able to work on this quilt called the Maze. The pattern was really fun to make, but the directions were a bit confusing. I had to really follow along and pay close attention to my cutting to make sure it worked out the way it was supposed to. I love this top and it's going to be kitted at the shop.
The first week of October I made this travel high chair. It's made out of PUL and it is awesome. I think I need to make one for Mathew, as this is a sample for the store.
Sunday night I needed something quick and easy to make, so I pulled out these little bags and worked on them. I just used up some leftover scraps, so they are random sized, but they will be given away. I did keep the purple one for a small travel bag as the one I made is a bit to big, so I put too much in it and it won't fit in my purse. This way I can limit how much I take. One or two Ahhhh's will fit in it.
Monday night I put together this quilt top that was a UFO of my mom's. It's my goal for the Lovely Year of Finishes as well as the challenge in the Hexie BC group. I wasn't sure about borders, but without I can finish it on the frame now, so I left them off.
Tuesday night I went to town and finished the last block of the Star Surround Quilt Top. All the pieces were made, so it went together faster than I expected.
I also pieced the backing for the pink ribbon UFO. It's actually more of a white background, but it will work. The fabric is all from the same line an d uses up most of what mom had bought for the quilt. I still have some scraps/stash from it, but it will be done soon.
Last night I was supposed to have my graduate class, but due to a family emergency she postponed it to tonight and I had some extra time on my hands. I finished putting together the Star Surround top. It turned out really cool and will make a great baby quilt or wall hanging. I'm not sure which, so I guess I'll wait until it is finished.
I picked up a couple flimsy samples at the shop that need quilted so I can get them off my UFO list. I set to work last night and made backs, cut batting, and pulled the king tut/bottomline thread so I am ready to have a quilting marathon. Here's my stack, with my thread on top. The quilts ready for quilting include:
Heart Twister
Paul's Wolf
Pink Ribbon
If I can get a back pieced the Star Surround will be going in the pile as well. I'd love to have a quilting marathon on Saturday afternoon/evening/night since there is a race on and I know Paul will stay home to watch it.
I've also decided to do a giveaway for Breast Cancer awareness month. My mom was a survivor for 7 years until she lost the battle to brain cancer. She had a tremendous amount of pink ribbon fabric/stuff and I'm slowly getting rid of it. If you'd like to win this book leave a comment and I'll draw a winner sometime this month.
Here are a few pictures from the blizzard. It severely affected our family and the loss of animals is in the tens of thousands. My dad's wife lost all but a couple horses, so probably close to 20 horses. Mikaela is on our sidewalk after we dug that far. My car is behind her where the shovel on the right is. I walked completely over my car as there was a drift over it. To the left side of the picture is my MIL's car and my husbands pickup which was parked directly behind me.
The pickup had a drift level with the box all the way back across the street. We were lucky a front end loader came and dug out the street on Sunday. We were out most of Sunday morning and Paul was out all day getting us dug out. Once he got his 4-wheeler out, I think he was more playing in the snow than anything, but he helped out the neighbors get their driveway cleared too.
Hope everyone is having a productive October!


Sara said...

The loss of livestock is just heartbreaking. I shudder every time I see pictures or hear numbers.

My sister-in-law was still without power as of last night. They live by the Black Forest Inn on hwy 385. She has been staying with a friend.

I'm amazed again at the number of things you've got done already and the month is not even half over.

ytsmom said...

It is so sad to hear of all the livestock loss. My sympathy to your Stepmother.

Julie Feldhaus said...

As a rancher in eastern SD I feel so sorry for the rancher that lost cattle. We know how it feels to lose just one not to mention 100s. Our hearts go out to them

I have 2 sisters and many friends that are Breast Cancer survivors so would love to win the book.

Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] said...

I can't believe I missed this post. I'm sorry about your dad's wife's horses. Such a tragic event. I am glad that your family is safe, though.

Sharon said...

I have been listening to the news reports about the blizzard and livestock losses. So sad. Makes it feel like winter is going to be very long! Would love to win this book. I have a dear friend who was diagnosed in April. I gave her a quilt to use while she was doing her chemo.