Thursday, October 03, 2013

Shop Hopping, Prepping, Finishing

Last weekend I went to MN for a family wedding. I wanted to stop at a new quilt shop and with my husbands interest at stopping at several home improvement stores, I didn't get too much of a fight. We stopped at Heirloom Creations in Sioux Falls on Thursday night. I love to look around and wanted to pick out several rulers, but I just looked and ended up with the Aurifil spool on the left. It is a pretty blue/purple color I didn't have. On Friday we went to Rosemont MN for the grooms dinner and the Quilters Haven quilt shop was in the same building. My cousin Molly owns Salon 104 in the same building, so she knew the owner of the quilt shop. It just happened to open late on Friday night, so I took a peak around. My favorite part was the kids corner, where Mikaela played while I shopped. I picked up the pink Aurifil, the batik fat quarter, and the 2" Thangles. As I was waiting to pay I noticed the mini seam rippers. I fell in love and picked up one for me and one for a friend. Saturday we went to the wedding in White Bear Lake MN. I took Mathew while Paul and Mikaela slept before the wedding. He was very unhappy and didn't make shopping at the Bear Patch much fun at all. This shop was huge and new to me, so I was overwhelmed. There was a Bernina dealership next door which was really interesting and I loved all their samples. I ended up with the purple verigated quilting thread and the between needles. I want to try them for hand stitching. The lady checking me out treated me like I was moron and didn't know what Aurifil thread was or the weight. I was seriously disappointed in the customer service. All in all I really enjoyed going to the 4 different shops. I love seeing what others have to offer.
This week I am finishing up the Rubic Star and need to have more hand work to work on when I'm finished, so I made it my challenge to cut out some kits at lunch for my Ahhhh's. I have 13 cut out so far and I think they will all be fairly quick to piece since they are the beginner ones. I decided to start with the beginners and see if I can get them all pieced before going on to the more difficult. I'm thinking I may need to find more colors to work with as I'm getting a bit bored with the ones I have so far.
Last night the kids went to be surprisingly early and I had the opportunity to sew for almost 3 hours and go to bed early. I made this travel high chair. It's a sample for the store, but I wanted to show how it works and Mathew was asleep, so I used Mikaela's doll. I also started piecing another sample, so I am doing well with my goals for the month.

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Jacque said...

Ooh, I hope I see those mini-rippers around here. They look very handy and would fit in my hand-work case much better. Off to shop! :)