Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Five Quilts Given New Homes

Last week I was in gift giving mode. I had made several quilts for gifts and it just so happened that the time had arrived to gift them.
My co-worker Amy gave me a bunch of clothes and a toddler bed for Mikaela and I wanted to give her something in return. Amy loves orange, so I used a fat quarter bundle of Central Park paired with the bright orange from the line on the clearance rack to make her a Happy Hour quilt. I didn't want to leave her daughter Remy out, so I made her the Star Struck quilt top using the left over Central Park and another piece from the line. I love how both these quilts turned out and she loved them as well. Remy said it's her good dreams quilt and she hasn't had any bad dreams since she started sleeping under it. What a way to make me feel good!

This quilt was made for my mom for her 50th birthday. She didn't really care for it, she didn't want to be reminded she was getting older. It hung on the quilt rack Paul built for her. My co-worker friend Kim turned 50 this past week, so I gifted her the quilt. She loved it. She's excited to turn 50 and loves the color purple.
This weekend we went to my cousin Bryan's wedding to Cora. I wasn't sure what to make for them, since I don't really know their taste, but I know they both hunt and her family has land in northern MN, so I made this quilt and gifted it to them for their wedding. They both really liked it.
This quilt was one of mom's UFO's and she left it with 5 seams left to finish. She picked up the pattern in MN when we went shop hopping with her cousin Sue. I love the bright colors, but I have too many quilts, so I decided to give this one to Sue for her birthday this past week. She loved the quilt and it will be a reminder of my mom. Sue was my mom's closest cousin and good friend to my mom.

It feels great to give these quilts some new homes and it's time to find homes for some other quilts as well. I've got too many and want to make more for our home. I'll continue to gift quilts as I see the need/someone interested in one of my quilts. I've also decided to sell some to make room for more.


Jacque said...

So thoughtful! I'm sure they will all be treasured.

Sara said...

I think it really special that you are able to share your mom's quilts with other people who knew and loved her. That is very unselfish.

Kelly Young said...

what beautiful quilts! I know all of their new owners will just love them!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation