Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Finishes!

This week was less productive than I am accustomed to, but life sometimes gets in the way of my goals. I did finish the binding on my Moda challenge quilt for the store on Tues. I dropped it off and they are all hanging up ready for the preview party on Sat. Looking at mine and Emilee's they are so different, but both look neat. I'll try to get a picture. I'm so excited that we get to do this again next quarter!
On Wednesday my brother Jim called and we visited for over 2 hours. Guess we hadn't chatted in a while and needed to catch up. On a whim I pulled out this layer cake of Max and Whiskers and went into the crawl space and grabbed the gray I had bought for a scrap quilt and decided to make a chevron quilt. I've now come to realize it's going to be a big quilt. I had bought it with another idea in mind and that didn't pay out, so it's headed in another direction. I had planned to give it to a good friend, but I keep thinking of others I could give it to, so it's still up for grabs. Maybe I should see who comments on wanting it and give it away that way.
I sewed all the blocks last night and just need to trim and press and they will be ready to assemble at quilt retreat. Yes, I am already preparing even though it is more than a month away. I've decided to get a bunch of quilts ready to assemble. I'll have room to lay them out and then I can have finished tops when I am done. So far I have this one, but I hope to get Scrappy Swoon, Thangles BOM, and maybe B/W/Pink quilts into blocks. Then I'll take the Swoon kits to work on those blocks. I'm going to do more prepping than finishing in April. I also got the Easy #4 quilt blocks sewn, so they can be another quilt top to assemble.
Tues night my co-worker gave us her tickets for the Rush hockey game. Since it was last minute, we had no time to find a sitter, so we took the kids. Mikaela loved it and was really good. She loved seeing the mascot Nugget. She was so happy she couldn't contain herself and kept jumping up and down.
Mathew on the other hand thought sleep was a better idea. He's obviously outgrown his cute little Jacks hat, but he was cozy. My co-workers dad sat next to us and he told her the next day what good kids we had and they were so well behaved and he'd adopt them as grandkids. She said "and that's coming from a man who doesn't like kids". I was so please to hear that he thought they were good.
Mathew at the hockey game.
Last night Mikaela insisted on holding Mathew, like she normally does. We have to help, but we do let her when she's sitting down. She's such a good big sister and loves to help. She rocks Mathew in his carseat when I'm getting everything ready in the morning and is always ready to "help" when needed.


quiltin cntrygrl said...

Love the blue quilt. Your always more productive than I am. Smiles. Logan was great at the ER yesterday only cried when we had to hold him down and pry open his mouth. I hope he is as good a big brother to Grayson.

Deb A said...

They are so cute! It's always nice to hear you kids are well behaved in public. Sounds like M is a great big sister and little helper to Mom. Love your blue quilt. Sounds like you have lots of prep plans ahead for your retreat.