Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mathew's Baptism

With lots of coordination and changes of plans, we were able to have Mathew baptized this past weekend in Milesville. My little brother Ed lives in ND and works in the oil fields, so we had to make it a weekend he was home, since he is the godfather.
Mathew Baptism 2013-03-09 033
Steph, Ed's fiance and Ed were the godparents.
Mathew Baptism 2013-03-09 040
Here's a family picture with Paul's mom Leslie and Mikaela.
Mathew Baptism 2013-03-09 050
And we took one with Dad and Ann too. It was a late mass, 7:30PM, so these pictures were about 9, after the cake and cookies the church ladies served, so way too late for little girls. We did get a whole family picture of the Harty's that is in my flicker album with other pictures from the weekend as well.
Mathew Baptism 2013-03-09 053
Sunday morning we attempted a picture with grandpa, but only Mathew wanted to cooperate.
Mathew Baptism 2013-03-10 007
Grandma Ann and Mathew on Sunday too. He was in a good mood, while Mikaela was ready for a nap.
Mathew Baptism 2013-03-10 020

It was wonderful to have my Aunt Jane and Uncle Tom come down from Rapid City to join us. Paul's mom Leslie and her friend Steph came as well, so we had 4 full pews at mass, which doubled the size of the church. Both my brothers and their families were there, so we took our first family picture with everyone since the boys were born. It was so great to have everyone together, if only for a short time!

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