Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christmas Scrap Exchange

This year I invited my quilty friends to participate in a scrap exchange instead of exchanging gifts with everyone. We each pulled a gallon size bag of scraps together and then I exchanged them among everyone in October and in the middle of December we had a Christmas party at Murphy's to exchange the gifts we had made each other out of the scraps. Mathew got to come because he was only 10 days old and Jenn held him as did others as well.
Mathew Paul 2012-12-16 006
Emilee received a batik sewing machine apron made by Heather.
Mathew Paul 2012-12-16 009
Heather received a table topper made by Gaila.
Mathew Paul 2012-12-16 010
Jenn received a notebook cover and a few other little items made by Nicole B. Gaila received the lime green quilt and table topper I made for her.
Mathew Paul 2012-12-16 011
In the picture below are Nicole H., Nicole B., Jenn, & Gaila.
Mathew Paul 2012-12-16 013
Jenn made Nicole B. a scrap sack and some other little bags.
Mathew Paul 2012-12-16 014
Nicole H. received this wall hanging from Heather.
Mathew Paul 2012-12-16 016
Heather's husband Tim is holding up the other table runner received by Heather and made by Nicole H.
Mathew Paul 2012-12-16 018
I received the cutest little bag that I put my most used sewing supplies in from Emilee. It's never far from my sewing table.
Emilee also made the cutest apron for Mikaela and put the churn dash block on it. It was so ironic that she googled mini churn dash block pattern and came across the one my friend Jen B. designed. It's a SMALL world!
Mikaela 2013-01-19 098
She also made me this beautiful doll quilt out of granny squares that is hand quilted. It's absolutely beautiful and found a place right near my sewing table. I love it!
Quilt 2013-02-12 016
This was one of the best exchanges I have ever participated in! Not only did we get our own scraps used up, but in a way we maybe wouldn't have done ourselves. I love the granny square block, but have never made one myself. We really had a great time visiting and enjoyed our party. We're even thinking about doing it again this summer. It was nice to have all those scraps gone, but yet they were made into something beautiful and we all got a bit of a challenge to step outside our box and maybe work with something we normally would not have used.

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