Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday Week 13 3/28/12

It's WIP Wednesday, a great day to look over the past week and make some goals for the next week. I actually feel like I accomplished a lot this week and hopefully the next week will be just as good. Lots to do, so little time!
This week has been focused on samples I have to have made by Saturday for our teacher preview party. I'm doing a couple new classes, so have had to make samples this time around. I made the Twisted Heart pattern from Let's Twist Again as a baby quilt class using the Lil' Twister ruler. I had it all laid out and sewed it together Monday night.

Quilt 2012-03-26 002
Tuesday during lunch I cut it all out and kept it neatly stacked. My friend Gaila showed me an awesome way to label my block stacks, so it was really easy to keep them neat and organized. Last night after Mikaela went to bed, I sewed together my Twisted Heart. I wasn't sold on the background, but kept going with it.
Quilt 2012-03-27 003
I cut out and added the borders and now I actually like how it looks. It needed the bright borders from the Twirl line to really make it work! Another top done and ready to quilt. I also picked up my stitch regulator on Friday night and installed in Sun. I quilted a piece for a sketch book cover and I'm excited to be able to do more detailed designs now!
Quilt 2012-03-27 006
Saturday night my friend Gaila invited a few friends out for a Swoon party. We've all just gotten the pattern and decided to work on them together. Emily couldn't join us, but we started the Swoon blocks at Club Sew last month. The one on the left is the one I had done, the one on the right is the one I did on Sat. night. Boy can I see a huge difference. I've decided to do all of them with the color like the one on the right. I think it shows off the Terrain fabric way better and that's my "focus" fabric.
Quilt 2012-03-24 008
This is the quilt I quilted last week for Heather. I got her permission to show it. Doesn't it look awesome? It's a photo quilt she did with the Happy Hour block and put photos in that were printed in brown/white to look like old time photos. 
Quilt 2012-03-21 002
The Swoon party blocks at Gaila's. I just love her lime green and pink walls. She put the string up, so we could show them all together. I also used her huge living room floor to lay out my Merry Go Round quilt. It's all in stacks and will be pieced on Thurs. night.
Quilt 2012-03-24 010

New Projects this Week:
Twisted Heart
Book Cover for my Sketchbook - quilted
Finished this week:
Twisted Heart top
Ongoing projects:  (and progress this week on them) 
Merry Go Round - Stacked and ready to put together
Swoon - 2 Blocks done
Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Blush Quilt 
Pink/Brown Friendship Quilts
Buggy Barn Pink/Brown Extra Blocks
Pink/Green Jungle Animal Baby Quilt
Confetti Top
Friendship Block Swap Top
Twisted Heart
No progress:
Mocha Meringue Wonder Blocks- Together, needs 3 borders
Jim Shore Quilt - None
Ed's Crown Royal Quilt - Started sashing
This week's stats:
Completed projects -2
New projects -1
Currently in progress - 6
Finished this year - 25 , 6 Samples

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Shanna said...

What a collection of pretties!! Your Swoon blocks are beautiful and I love the twisted heart quilt!!

Patti said...

Love the twisted heart! I just used the ruler for the first time and I am happy to see there is more than one way to use it!!
Your swoon blocks are fantastic. I never tire of looking at swoon blocks.

Heidi @ Buttons and Butterflies said...

That heart is AWESOME! And I agree the swoon on the right shows off the terrain, but the other isn't too shabby either!!
I adore that photo quilt. I love the use of the Happy Hour block!