Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lots Accomplished By the Quilters Are Crazy Retreaters

All the quilters accomplished a lot at the retreat, though I did miss getting pictures of everything.
Tammy finished the first quilt of the weekend, a scrappy charm plus 1 yard of fabric quilt.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-02 022

This is Cindy's 1600 quilt. She's making it a bit bigger and hopes to have it for her grand-kids one day.

Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-02 023
Tammy was working on the same quilt, only she added a charm pack. She was working on the borders.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-02 040
Michelle put binding on this super cute baby blanket she quilted. She was using it for practice to learn to quilt on her frame.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-02 067
Emilee made several black/white blocks!
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-02 069
Jane made this cute baby quilt with paper pieced hearts. She was learning to paper piece with the Carol Doak beginners book.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 006
Michelle made this placemat and worked on her quilting. She did a scallop throughout it. It turned out so cute.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 012
The back shows the quilting well. She used the Easy Scallop tool to draw on her placement lines before she began. Darlene was working on a table runner in the same manner.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 013
Darlene worked on quilting her grid table runner and getting it all squared up.

Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-02 057

Lois made this baby quilt and worked on quilting it throughout the weekend.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 021
Jenn made several bags for her kids during the weekend, when she needed a break from her big quilt.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 036
Bev was making purses all weekend. The runaround bag was her first zipper and she really enjoyed making it.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-04 001
Michelle made this fancy pillowcase with the scalloped borders out of French General.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-04 002
Cindy made a Zippy Strippy bag. Darlene and Michelle joined her in making them as well. They used their fat quarters and zipper that were gifts during the retreat.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-04 004
Jenn spent a majority of the weekend working on this quilt for her grandpa. It's made with all his old shirts. It turned out so neat!
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-04 006
Jane paperpieced this tablerunner and added the pink piping in to make it stand out. Aren't the bunnies so cute?
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-04 023
This is Emilee's Snapshots quilt fro the class she took from me a few weeks ago. We were discussing borders or no borders.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-04 032
All in all everyone seemed to be extremely successful and get a lot done. I always enjoy seeing what everyone is working on throughout the weekend.

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BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Looks like you all had a great time and got a lot of Sewing done! Yay! A successful retreat!