Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quilters Are Crazy Retreat - Day 2

The Quilters Are Crazy retreat day 2 was Saturday. We started the morning with a huge breakfast. We had egg bakes, peach upside down muffins, and an apple biscuit dish. We definitely ate well!
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 002
I started the morning putting the borders on my friendship swap quilt. It looks more wrinkled then it is, but I was a good little quilter and measured everything (I kept saying because Tammy's here watching me)!
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 007
Around lunch we played the LRC fat quarter game. Jenn won all the fat quarters! She did share some as did Cindy from some she had won previously.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 015
I'm wearing my new runs with scissors shirt Ed got me. Emilee and Bev are setting next to me.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 016
The lodge was starting to take on a whole new disastrous look! We were all over the place.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 044
The kitchen was full of food, but we also did a lot of cutting on the counters.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 046
Saturday I made the little confetti blocks and after we got back from supper I put them all together. This one is for a class I'm teaching in April. It doesn't have any borders, so I'm calling it done! Two tops finished so far.
Quilters Are Crazy 2012-03-03 050
We enjoyed supper out at the Steakhouse and took in the Peterson's Variety experience, doing a bit of fabric shopping.

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Kristy QP said...

Oh it looks like you had so much fun at the retreat! I haven't been on one but posts like this make me want to go on one badly!