Wednesday, February 01, 2012

January Quilting Accomplishments

January was a very productive month for me. I'm really impressed with how much I got done, in addition to being in school. I did about half samples and half stuff for me, so considering the samples are my second job I didn't really do all that much for me, but it's sewing and I'm counting it.
I made the Texas Two Step for a Groovy Girls Sample. It's a quick and easy pattern!
Quilt 2012-01-04 012
I made the Farmyard Friends quilt for a sample for my Happy Hour class I'm teaching.
Quilt 2012-01-04 016
The Owl Yellow Brick Road was a sample for Groovy Girls as well.
Quilt 2012-01-04 026
The Wrenly ribbon blanket was a gift for Emilee's baby shower for her daughter Rosaliee.
Quilt 2012-01-04 030
I made the Sweet Treats sample quilt for the shop.
Quilt 2012-01-15 002
I quilted up this cute girls quilt for my friend Cindy for a donation to an auction for a cancer patient.
Quilt 2012-01-22 009
I made Jen a Winding Ways Schelp bag to match her SBS binder. It was a bit belated as birthday gift for her. She loves it and I think was a bit surprised.
Quilt 2012-01-24 001
I made this baby quilt for my co-workers new baby. It's called Dippity Daisy.
Quilt 2012-01-26 005
I quilted up this growth chart for Mikaela.
Quilt 2012-01-26 008
I used my scraps from the leftovers of my Buggy Barn HST's to make a couple fun blocks.
Quilt 2012-01-26 013
I made three different friendship blocks I will embroider and quilt for friends as wall hangings.
Quilt 2012-01-26 016

Quilt 2012-01-29 001
I made 2 of these quick Valentine blocks and plan to make wall hangings or table toppers.
Quilt 2012-01-29 004
I made 4 Friendship quilts for my quilting buddies.
Quilt 2012-01-29 007
I made the Waffle Time Table runner for a Groovy Girls sample.
Quilt 2012-01-30 001
I am in the process of finishing the binding on the Wave Table Runner made as a sample for Groovy Girls.
Wave Table Runner

So I sewed 102 hours in January, celebrated Mikaela's 1st Birthday, made 5 samples, made lots of blocks out of HST's, used my 1/4" foot (I know what a shock!), quilted a couple quilts, did my first donated quilting, and wrote 2  1500 word papers and 8 300 word discussion posts. Whewww it's been a busy month. Good thing there is that 31 on the month and 2 holiday days off! I also did all 5 weeks worth of WIP Wednesday posts. They may be duplication for some, but they really keep me on track with posting and making sure I take pictures and upload them. I finished all my goals except the quilting binding on the Jim Shore quilt. I sure hope to finish it soon. I also didn't get all the blocks of the Crown Royal quilt done, but I did work on the blocks, so I'm proud of that fact!
I've started two new quilt tops, Little Confetti and Merry Go Round, both using scraps... I know please gasp again, but I've been making a lot of samples and have lots of bits and pieces left, so I'm working on cleaning them up. I also have a stack to cut for 5" charms. If anyone wants my little leftover bits that don't fit 5" charms or 2 1/2" strips let me know and I'd be glad to send them your way. I've just got to reduce the clutter a bit. I'm also so close to making a Winding Ways quilt. To the point that I have pulled all my dark jewel colored batik fat quarters and I'm going to pick up some light colored batiks for the opposite and do a quilt with those colors. I was just going to do a two color one, but I figured that might be kind of boring and I've had about 20 fat quarters in dark purple/green/blue/marroon that I want to use up, so this is the key. I'd like to have them cut out to sew at retreat.
Retreat is coming together awesome!! I have 10 for sure and we may be able to have a few more, so still open to a couple more if anyone is interested. I'm super excited! I'm planning to make the  Winding Ways, the Crown Royal top, the BOM top, a construction baby blanket, a Loralie quilt of my moms, sign language baby quilt, Mocha Meringue top, and who knows what else I will make, but lots of tops out of blocks I already have made with a few Winding Ways blocks for something different.

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Sara said...

Wow! You did get lots done. And happy birthday to that little doll.