Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday Week 3 1/18/12

January is flying by very quickly! I've had a lot to get done and I feel good about what I've accomplished so far. I've put in 55 hours so far this month, most of which was on quilts for samples for the store. This week I worked on the Sweet Treats sample. I finished up all the pink blocks on Wed. night of last week.
Quilt 2012-01-14 001
Thurs. night I got a slow start on the red blocks and finished them up on Sat. night.
Quilt 2012-01-14 003
Thanks to a football game on TV, hubby, MIL, and friend watched Mikaela and I got to sew. I finished putting the top together just as the game was over.
Quilt 2012-01-14 007
Never fear though... in an attempt to put off going to bed and waking up Sun. I spent half the night putting borders on. I stumbled to bed around 2AM, but it was finished!!
Quilt 2012-01-15 002
I actually finished it a bit earlier than that, but I wasn't tired, thanks to a nap, so I pulled out my pink/brown scraps and made another Friendship block. I hope to have enough left to do one or maybe even two more of these. They'll be a bit different than the first 4, but the friends they are going to are definitely worth the work! I want to have them ready to take to dad's the next time we go, which will probably be in Feb.
Quilt 2012-01-17 002
Sunday was spent writing about the colonial history of American higher education, real thrilling as you can tell. I put the paper off forever and did not know what to write about. I finally got it done though and turned it in early, about 3 hours before it was due!
Monday night was our live session, in which we have to listen on our computers while the instructor lectures. I moved my laptop to the sewing studio and cut out two quilts while I listened! I had her last quarter so the first hour of rules/regs. for the course was the same as last quarter.
I cut out this cute baby quilt from the scraps of Dilly Dally and with the 3 yards I bought on clearance on 1/2/12, I had enough for borders and backing. I'll even have enough for binding. I made this one about 41"x46", so a nice baby size. I have a co-worker who just had a baby girl and she wanted pink, so I think this will go to her if I can get it quilted before next weeks baby shower. It's really more pink than it reads in the picture. I loosely use a pattern I've used before with charms and half charms, but I just used 5" scraps and cut them up as I went and mixed and matched. I made it bigger then the other one as it was more like 36"x40". I sewed this top in about 3-4 hours last night.
Quilt 2012-01-17 005

I also cut out a bag, but need to find some batting scraps so I can make it. I reorganized my thread last night and put a lot away that had been floating around. It's really accumulated! I looked and have as many as 4 regular spools and one cone of at least 4 different Masterpiece threads, several in unopened or brand new spools! I have at least 2 of every Aurifil thread I use for piecing and several unopened quilting colored threads. I have a hard time keeping my Aurifil bobbins separate, so I'm really hoping for the pink Janome bobbins in the case for my birthday, that way I can use those only for Aurifil thread. A girl can only hope that hubby listens to my hints! Otherwise I'll get them as a little gift to myself. I'd been looking at the pink ones since they came into the store just before Christmas and I was telling Paul about them, but I just couldn't justify spending the money when I have a lot of bobbins. Then I realized they were the answer to my constant issue with keeping the Aurifil bobbins separate. I have about 15-20 spools of Aurifil thread and keeping them on pink bobbins would make it easy to distinguish between the "GOOD" thread and the other piecing threads I use.  Right now they are in a small pink ribbon case and the spools are in a bigger pink ribbon case.
We don't even want to count the King Tut or Bottomline threads as I think I have pretty close to all of them! The serger thread is mostly put away, since I so rarely use it and the cones are huge. Let's say I LOVE thread and what it can do for a quilt. Anyone else love thread as much as I do? I'm thinking I need to take pictures of my thread containers, just so I know what I have.

Finished this week:
Sweet Treats- Sample
Ongoing projects:  (and progress this week on them)
Winding Ways Schlep Bag - Cut Out
Jim Shore Quilt - Quilted and binding machine sewn on -  1 1/2 sides done - No Progress
Pink/Brown Friendship Quilts - 1 top made, 2 more in progress
Buggy Barn Pink/Brown Extra Blocks- laid out and ready for sewing
Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Blush Quilt 
Charmed Dilly Dally Baby Quilt
No progress:
Pokey Little Puppy Book
Prayers Book
3 Mug Rugs
Ed's Crown Royal Quilt - 2/3 of the way done, on the last set of blocks
Mocha Meringue Wonder Blocks

This week's stats:
Completed projects -8
New projects -1
Currently in progress -13
Finished this year - 5 , 4 Samples

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Erin said...

Love the appliques in the center of the blocks, so cute!

Tanya said...

Love you quilt the applique is really sweet

LynCC said...

What a very fun quilt! So perfect for working on right now, with Valentine's coming up.

vtquilter said...

Love that pink quilt.. saw it on FB and had to stop by and check out what you've been working on. I can't believe how much sewing you get done with a LO, working and classes! You rock.