Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winding Ways Schlep Bag ~ Quilt Retreat Info

The Winding Ways schlep bag is completed and I can't believe it took me so long to do, seeings as I had it cut out and just had to sew it! It's been lingering since oh, maybe before Christmas some time. I have just a bit of the Jennifer Chiaverini Winding Ways fabric left for a special project, but I wanted to get this made before I made the other project. This literally took me less then 3 hours start to finish, not including cutting time. I didn't use a pattern, just went from memory, so the handles are minus batting, but they still seem to hold up well. I used scraps of 80/20 and I really like the puffiness, without the bulk of this batting.

Quilt 2012-01-24 001
The inside of the bag coordinates with the winding ways fabric on the outside.
Quilt 2012-01-24 003
Next up on the project list is a wavy table runner for our last Groovy Girls session. I just love this fabric and can't wait to get it made. I'll be adding a some scallops using the new ruler that is like the prairie points one. Wish me luck, it could get interesting.  This is a group that has met for the last two years, so since the program is ending, we're doing our own thing. It will be a Club Sew format and include lots of tips and techniques around a project idea, starting in March.
Quilt 2012-01-24 005
I also quilted up a growth chart for Mikaela, but it went together so fast I forgot to take pictures of it. This week has been rather busy, since I taught the Happy Hour class last night. I had 7 great ladies in the class and we had a really good time.
I know my blogging has been sporadic at best, but there just seems to be a lot going on and just not enough time to be on the computer at home. I'm really trying to do WIP Wednesday posts every week so at least I have a chance to catch everyone up on all that is going on in my world. I'm also going to be cutting out the weekly dump of photos of Mikaela. I'll try to do a monthly post of her cutest pictures. She's moving a lot now, so it's hard to get pictures of her.  Thanks to the 80 followers I have and thanks for following along with my crazy life! I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in my various projects, however random they may be. Thanks for all your comments. They inspire me to continue reading blogs and commenting as well. I always enjoy connecting with my readers. I read all my blogs in Google Reader, so if I'm not "following" you, doesn't mean I don't read your blog, it just means I have it in Google reader.

The BIG news right now in my life is a QUILT RETREAT!!! I'm planning a quilting/crafting retreat the first weekend in March at a beautiful hunting lodge near my hometown. I'm super excited and think it will be a great event. I was a little leary at first, hoping friends and readers would want to attend, but so far I have enough to meet the minimum and I'm super stoked! It's going to be an awesome weekend full of fun prizes and lots of different activities, in addition to Sewing On Your Own projects. If anyone is interested in joining a fun bunch of ladies for this awesome quilt retreat, let me know. It's super cheap - the cost is just for the rooms for 2 nights, so I'm hoping the reasonable cost will attract a few more people. I'd love to fill both cabins as well as the lodge rooms. I have an email with all the 411 if you're interested in learning more, let me know.

Okay, that's 2 posts in 1 week... watch out, this could become a habit!
Have an AWESOME day!

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