Friday, January 06, 2012

Sewing Room Makeover

I just love holidays when they fall on weekends... I get an extra day off an hubby usually has to work and doesn't miss a day of pay for the holiday. Plus I get tons done! Last week I was on a role, seriously I got so much done and I was ready when Paul came home. He hung up my quilt rack I got in August! I bought it at a garage sale for $2! I couldn't believe I could get such a steal. I hung it in my sewing studio.

Quilt 2012-01-03 003
I also got him to hang up my curtain rods which I've had for at least that long, only I could only find one of the curtains. I'm hoping if I look further I'll find it. I'm really worried that it got put in the bags of mom's fabric to go to the Wall Quilt guild, since it was in her fabric stash. I didn't know it was curtains until I went to use it for something else. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Quilt 2012-01-03 004
Monday was the big clearance sale at Fabric City/The Sewing Center. I went and did some damage! I got what was left on each of these bolts, which was about 3 yards. Two Pink batiks for the batik quilt I intend to make this year.
Quilt 2012-01-04 001
A super soft minkee, probably for a blanket for Mikaela.
Quilt 2012-01-04 002
Two snowflake batiks to go with the rest of my huge stash of this line. Seriously I don't know why I love it and the only thing I've made is Jen's gift, but I LOVE this line. I have good intentions of doing something more with it.
Quilt 2012-01-04 003
A big piece of Dilly Dally for a backing for a baby quilt. Or it might turn into a diaper bag. We'll see what my friends baby is. If it's a girl, I'm going with this fabric line. I still have lots of it left, even after 3 quilts made out of it!
Quilt 2012-01-04 004
This was my pure guilty quilty pleasure. It's a sign and it was 50% off. I didn't want to pay full price, even with my discount, but at that price I splurged on it. I just LOVE it!
Quilt 2012-01-04 005
I also picked up this kit and I'll be making the sample next week. I think it's cute and I love Valentine's Day, so I'll get it made up for the store really soon.
Quilt 2012-01-04 007
I spent the rest of Monday re-organizing my sewing room/sewing all day and evening. I was in pure heaven! I can't wait to work on some fun stuff for me, but the samples pay for my addiction, so I enjoy them as well.

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