Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Mikaela is 50 Weeks Old

Mikaela turned 50 Weeks Old on 1/4/12. We spent part of our day off rearranging the bedroom and playing with blocks. Mommy made lots of yellow and blue ones for SDSU. I've gotta start her young so she can be a jackrabbit!

Mikaela 2011-12-23 004
We did pink and green, red/white, and orange white too. She loves the blocks as it has Little People with it and she loves them.
Mikaela 2011-12-23 009
She got to open her present from Grandpa Hugh on Sun. at dads. Her first pair of cowboy boots. She's still getting used to them, but they are super cute and will keep her feet warm if it ever gets cold here. We're in the 50's today and it was 75 here yesterday!
Mikaela 2011-12-31 004
She tried them out, but they didn't stay on long. We spend about 10 min. each day practicing wearing them and keeping balance.
Mikaela 2011-12-31 005

She'll be one in a few more weeks and we can't wait! I'm more excited than anyone else though.

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