Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Sewing with Friends

Saturday night, in a really good attempt at procrastination, I packed up my sewing stuff to go sew with my friends on Sunday. I had just woke up from a nap, so I needed to wake up a bit. I didn't really know what I wanted to sew, since I didn't want to work on samples, yet that was what I needed to get done. I settled on some random blocks. I had a Valentine block laid on my ironing board, so decided to sew it before supper. That worked well, I got it all done! It was so cute that I cut out the rest of my scraps and had enough to make one more as well as have backing and binding for 2 mini quilts. Yeah! The fabric will all be used up!  I figured after supper I'd work on my paper for my class. Well, then hubby, MIL, and DD were down in my area after supper, so I cleaned up a bit and reorganized. We put Mikaela to bed at 9 and that was just too late to start writing a research paper right??? SO I cut out and pieced this Waffle Time table runner by Atkinson Designs. It came together so nicely! I worked on some scallops and finished about midnight or a little after! Boy I really procrastinated.
Quilt 2012-01-30 001
Sunday morning I got up early and worked on the paper for a couple hours before going to my friend Jenn's to sew with a few other friends. We had an awesome time sewing and I finished another Friendship Block. I love how it turned out! It's the 3rd and I believe final one in this colorway, since I'm just about out of pink/brown HST's.
Quilt 2012-01-29 002
I also pieced this Valentine's table topper/ wall hanging. It's just like the one I made Sat. night. It's from some of my mom's fabric stash, so I'm really excited to get it all used up. I'm actually going to quilt it on my machine with a red metallic. I think it will look awesome. It's about 16" square.
Quilt 2012-01-29 004
While I was at Jenn's I took a picture of the quilt I made her for Christmas. This is the one I made 4 of for my friends Jenn, Shonna, Emilee, and Gaila.
Quilt 2012-01-29 007
I just love the embroidery on them and hope to do the other 3 as well before I quilt them.
Quilt 2012-01-29 008
I also worked on the Crown Royal quilt blocks for my brothers quilt. I'm hoping to have the blocks done, so I can assemble the quilt while at retreat. So far I just have 2 seems in 12 blocks left, which is totally doable in a months time!
Retreat is turning out to be awesome! I'm so excited that I have 10 already signed up with a few more possible. I'm really looking forward to it, since things have changed and I am no longer part of the group I wanted to retreat with.
Looks like it's going to be a good Monday! Mikaela and I are going fabric shopping tonight after work. I can't wait. I'm making gasp..... a scrappy quilt!

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