Sunday, July 03, 2011

Slowly Sewing

The last few weeks of June I hardly got any sewing time in because I spent the last two weekends at my dad's. I found time on Wed. night to make Gaila's block for the Friendship Block Swap. I love how this one turned out and it was easy. I should have just done it at the beginning of the month instead of putting it off. Quilt 002
Today Paul was going to work on cleaning the garage and I was going to work on my storage shed. He loaded up a full pickup load from the garage and took it to the dump. I cleaned all my totes out of the storage shed and had a full load for him to take to the dump when he got back. It felt great to get rid of a lot of stuff. I had stuff from grade school, high school, college, and teaching and I needed to part with it. I also had a bunch of junk pots and pans that just needed to go. I guess when that's all you've got, you hold on to them. After 6 years, it was time to say adios! I kept my trophies, special plaques, and framed pictures. I ended up with 2 large and 2 small rubbermaid totes of stuff. I emptied 8 other large ones! Woohoo! It feels so good to have that done. Now I need to work on the stuff I have in the crawl space. Same deal... after 6 years of storing it, I'm guessing I don't need a lot of it! I also got all the laundry done while I was cleaning away. It was 80+ outside, so I kept coming in for breaks.
While hubby and his mom watched the race from Daytona tonight, I got a bit of sewing time in. I made this wall hanging for a wedding we're going to next weekend. She said her kitchen has sunflowers and she'd like a wall hanging for it.
Quilt 003
I just love making the 60* tablerunners from borders, so I decided to make one for her too. I got both done and hope to get them quilted tomorrow. It feels great to have accomplished so much sewing. I have a few other projects that need done soon, so I've kind of made a priority list and hope to get some things checked off yet this weekend.
Quilt 007
We don't have plans for the next two days, so I'm looking forward to getting some more sewing done. I'd like to get the priest's vestment done that I've been working on, since ordinary time starts soon. I'd also like to make the minkee blanket I have for myself and get more done on the blush quilt. I have a sample to finish yet this weekend, so that's got to be the priority. So many projects, so little time!
While I was sewing, Mikaela was hanging out with grandma Leslie watching the Daytona racee. She's loving her frozen teething rings.
Mikaela 002
Here's to hoping the rest of the weekend is just as productive!

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Sara said...

The sunflower projects turned out cute. Love doing that 60 degree table runner. It goes so fast but looks so stunning.