Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mikaela is 25 Weeks Old!

Time sure flies! Mikaela is already 25 weeks old. She got her first try at the swimming pool on July 14th. It was cold, but she absolutely loved it! Missy has her own pool, so they were both outside together. It was hot during the days, so in the evening in the shade it was still pretty warm.

Mikaela 098
She was really exploring in the pool. She's getting better at sitting, but not quite there yet. She liked to be by the edge.
Mikaela 112
She really enjoyed daddy making noises on her chest. I think every daddy does this, since I remember my dad doing it too.
Mikaela 123
She's been spending time in mommy's sewing room, since it's cooler there. She loves the cool hardwood laminate.
Mikaela 129
She's definitely enjoying posing for pictures.
Mikaela 138
She's such a ham when she wants to be. I just love the toothless grin.
Mikaela 141

She loves the red minkee as it's so soft and cuddly.

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