Friday, July 08, 2011

July 4th Weekend of Quilting

Thanks to a wonderful hubby and Mikaela's grandma, I got to spend a lot of time quilting this weekend. It felt wonderful! I haven't quilted this much in months.
Saturday night I quilted the sunflower wall hanging. I put the binding on Sunday, and the handwork got done on Tuesday. It's a wedding gift for a co-worker who is getting married this weekend.
Quilt 008

I did quite a bit of quilting with swirls in the flowers.
Quilt 010
I just love the flower centers.
Quilt 011
I also quilted this tablerunner Sat. night for the same wedding gift. It's a 60* tablerunner. It turned out huge! The binding was put on Sunday.
Quilt 014

A close up of the quilting.
Quilt 015

I also quilted this wall hanging/chair quilt. I'm not sure who will get it yet, but I know someone in my family will love it.
Quilt 020

I was still in a quilting mood, so I loaded this wall hanging and quilted it up pretty quickly Sat. night.
Quilt 021

I didn't have the "right" purple, so I ended up with cream thread, which actually looks pretty good.
Quilt 024

In my effort to avoid working on a sample I need to do for the store, I worked on this vestment for the priest of my parents church. He's 7 foot tall and needs a longer one. I got it done on Monday.
Quilt 026
Here's my model, but he's not nearly as tall!
Quilt 035

This was a bit of a challenge, but I think it turned out well.
Quilt 036

Monday night I decided to do something for me. I put the borders on this wranglers fabric. I made it to fit the 60"x78" piece of minkee I had for the backing. I ended up making it approximately 60"x75"
Quilt 027

Tuesday night I quilted up the wrangler quilt.
Quilt 029

I love how the quilting turned out.
Quilt 033

I used a red thread and I'm pleased with it.
Quilt 034

It feels great to have gotten so much done. Wed. night I got the binding on the wranglers quilt. I have been cutting out hst's out of my pink/brown buggy barn fabric to make a new quilt. I'm looking forward to it. For someone who hates HST's, it's funny that I have 4 different HST quilts going at this time! I'm doing them all different, drawn lines, thangles, triangulations, and already cut triangles, so the variety of methods, makes them all a little different.


Colleen said...

Wow, a vestment! I'm curious what this quilt sample is that you opted to work on a vestment over (which turned out looking fabulous).

Sarah said...

woohoo - I think I need to get me some cowboy fabric now that my fireman quilt is just about done!!