Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mikaela is 6 Months Old!

Mikaela turned 6 months old on July 19th. She's setting up on her own and developing quite the personality. Sat. night in the extreme heat we went to the H2O water show at Canyon Lake Park. It was really good and Mikaela loved seeing all the people. It actually felt cooler than the temperature read.

H2O Show 006
She was watching everything!
H2O Show 009
She even rolled up in her quilt and played with the grass.
H2O Show 016
Friday night we went to the races. She slept through most of the first heats, then wasn't so sure about the noise. Then during the mains she started to enjoy herself, as long as she had mommy's pop bottle.
Races 012
She enjoyed the pool again. This time she was able to sit up on her own.
Mikaela 149
Daddy set the bigger pool up and she helped fill it. Daddy was tickling her.
Mikaela 154
She's forming lots of expressions now. This one reminds me so much of my mom. She would purse her lips in a smile.
Mikaela 158
Apparently she was done for with the camera.
Mikaela 166
She's really into chewing now. She got her first tooth on the 18th and the 2nd one will soon follow.
Mikaela 169
She's getting tired and ready for bed. Mommy just loves this giraffe outfit from my mom's cousin Mary.
Mikaela 180

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bevkimmel said...

Great pictures and an adorable little girl, especially wrapped up in the quilt!