Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sewing away

I have been sewing away, just not taking the time to post pictures! I get done so late with my sewing that I typically just upload pictures and go to bed. I never get around to getting the blog post done. On the weekend of the 17th I got quite a bit of sewing done. I quilted and made this book cover for my MIL to use at work. It has all Maxine fabrics and I think she really likes it. She just kind of goes with that personality.
Quilt 073
I tried to do a few bits of accent.
Quilt 078
I also finished up the sewing on the shop sample. It's called Beach Ball's by Lazy Girl Designs. It uses the lazy angle and though it wasn't hard at all, I just wasn't motivated to piece it after the first 5 blocks were done. Once I got to working on it, it went together very quickly. I actually love how it turned out.
Quilt 080
I took it to the store and got backing and quilted it up the next night. I love how it turned out. I used an orange variegated thread on it.
Quilt 102
I just love the King Tut thread on it. It will be bound when the fabric comes in to the store. It's Super by Gudrun Erla Designs.
Quilt 104
Tuesday night I made this table runner for my friend Shannon at work. She had given me a bunch of stuff for Mikaela, so I thought I could give her a little something. I used up the last of my Bistro fabric. I love how the blocks turned out so wonky. The scraps are now all gone for this quilt.
Quilt 093
She just loved it since she loves coffee and her kitchen is done in this theme.
Quilt 094

So I have gotten quite a bit of sewing done. I'm working on some hand binding right now and I should be done with it later this week. I hope to get a bit of sewing done tonight, but I'm working late every night this week, so we'll see how tired I am.
Those of you who guessed on my ruler post guessed under 40. When I did this post back in April 2009 I had 32 rulers and I've added substantially to it since then. When I counted them last week I had 75, so Jen was the closest with her guess of 72. I added 5 more this weekend to bring my total to 80. Most of them are unique and very different, though I have a few 6x12 and 6x24. There are another 17 at my dad's house that I use for embroidery work. Thanks to everyone for guessing. I love hearing from my readers. When I reach 100 followers I'll have another giveaway.


Brigitte said...

I love looking at your pictures of Mikaela and your sewing projects. Your mom would be so proud!


LuAnn said...

Your quilts are great. I love the beach balls and the coffee runner. Your machine quilting is beautiful - it looks very relaxed. I am on a finishing kick and just hope my free motion looks half as good as yours.

Jodi-JoJoMia's Place said...

Oh my gosh!! You have soooo many rulers! That is crazy. You are one of the most dedicated quilters I know. Keep up the great work.

zarina said...

I love that Bistro line in teal. I made a king size quilt for my parents using the FQ bundle.