Monday, June 21, 2010

I Sewed Tonight!

I actually felt like sewing tonight! I haven't been in the mood, probably because I have a big overwhelming project that needs to be done in a month and I just can't get motivated. Today was the last day of my graduate class and I finished the final paper and turned it in on Thurs., so I feel like all the stress has been released. I spent Friday night with some girlfriends sewing and I had a blast! I have tons of pictures and I finished lots of projects, but that post will have to wait until tomorrow.  Sat. I had to make a pillowcase for my nieces birthday present, so I set up the serger and it took me 20 minutes to make it. I left the quilt/pillowcase with her parents so she should get it on Friday. It's a good thing the quilt has been done for a month. I saw this really cute sewing fabric at FC tonight when I stopped and decided I just had to have it for a pillowcase. The serger was still set up, so I whipped it up tonight. I love it! I also worked on my HST's and got them all sewn before the storm started and I quit and unplugged everything. I just need to cut them all apart now. I just feel like I accomplished so much tonight! It was a great evening of sewing. Now I need to get back to the wedding quilt.


Cindy said...

I just loved the fabric for the pillow case. Great job.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Glad some stress is off you and you got to have some sewing time. That fabric is so cute.