Sunday, September 28, 2008

Three quilts finished in one week!

Anyone who knows my quilting style knows I work on one project at a time, finish it up and then begin a new one. This month though has changed me a bit. I've been working on a friendship quilt all month and finished the last of the handsewing on the binding on Thurs. It received rave reviews from my new co-workers as well as those at the quilt shop, so I hope the recipient loves it. I've uploaded my pictures of it, but I'll post more about it with pictures after it's received. I've also been working on a t-shirt quilt and have the hand sewn binding finished. I'll have to take a picture of it later this week. It turned out great and finishes up my oldest UFO!
The other project I've been working on is a quilt for the Pres. of the campus I worked at. He is leaving to go to a new school in MO. Karen, my co-worker, and I make quilts for people when they leave and he loves them, so we knew one was in order for him. After passing it back and forth all week, it was completed on Fri. We each made half the blocks. I sewed them together, she put the borders on, I quilted it, and she put the binding on it. Our co-workers all signed the back and we plan to present it this week. Since I'm guessing he doesn't read this, below is a picture of the finished project. You can see there are various department pictures. The pictures printed out really well and we are very pleased with it. You can see the loops I quilted in it. It's about 36"x40", so a nice wall hanging size.
September Quilts 014
It's pretty rare that three quilts get finished in the same week. I'm so pleased with all of them and now I can move on to a few projects I've had planned.
I had bought fabric for a new Miranda bag back in Aug. Mom picked up the thread to match and we took it to her house over Labor Day weekend. Somehow while I was there, it got misplaced! Neither her, nor I can find it and we've both searched our houses, vehicles, and bags. It's disappeared! I was so frustrated, that I bought the fabric again this weekend and started quilting. I'm making three bags, two different sizes and hope to have them finished by next weekend when we go to my parents... where I'll probably move something and find the fabric I purchased last month! I finished up a bag for my MIL today. Last night I finished PJ pants for me, shorts for Paul, and a pillowcase for MIL that I had started on Thursday night. I also have shorts cut out for my little bro and a pillowcase for a friend.


Gina said...

I love the quilt. What a great leaving present.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Suzan said...

Wow! You really have been busy! I think photo quilts are such a great remembrance for someone. Great idea!

Kristie said...

I love the quilt! You are so talented! I love how you are able to work on one thing at a time! I wish I were more like that!

Jen said...

The memory quilt looks great. You did a great job on the other one too. =)