Sunday, September 21, 2008


This has been a successful week for me... after a few minor problems. I started quilting the friendship quilt on Wed. night. I had Sew and Sews club on Thurs. night, so I didn't get much quilting done. I bought the speed control for my machine and got it installed on the frame. I did two rounds and was starting on the third. I started getting nests. I was so frustrated and it was late, so I gave up for the night.
Friday I had supper with the ladies I work with at our bosses house. Her house was simply amazing and so beautiful. She designed it herself, so lots of unique features.
I worked on Sat., but supper was ready when I got home, so I ate and then went to work on my quilting. I was still getting nests and finally realized I needed to rethread the top. Why I didn't think of this first I don't know, but it fixed the problem and I was on my way. I got the quilting finished at 11 last night.
Today I slept in and then went to the 80th b-day party for Paul's grandma. When I got home, I just couldn't focus. I worked on handles for a bag until I ran out of thread, then put the binding on the friendship quilt and finally moved on to a picture quilt I'm working on for a boss who is leaving the company I work for. My co-worker Karen and I are making it together and she had brought me her half done and I got mine done tonight, so we can lay it out tomorrow and I'll sew it together and quilt it this week and she's going to put the binding on it. I feel like I have so many projects going on, but I'm getting closer to having a few of them done.


Trish said...

You are busy! But I'm sure once you have finished even one thing it won't feel so overwhelming. Rethreading the top of the machine is kind of like when I had the needle in backwards, once you figure out what was wrong you can't believe it was something so simple!

Kristie said...

I'm glad you only had to rethread the machine!!! Could have been worse! Can't wait to see these projects!