Monday, September 01, 2008

Packages are in the mail!

I packaged up 15 different packages to go in the mail this weekend. Sat. I took them to the local post office and sent them. No problems whatsoever! I love my parents PO.
I'm so thankful for all the special votes and words of encouragement that were sent my way during the survivor competition that I spent special little gifts to my supporters. This is one project I'm glad is done! The applique was horrible, the zippers were terrible, and the serger gave me a very bad day every time I used it. I feel like Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad day making these, but I finally worked past most of my problems and got them made. I won't be working with big zippers and canvas again any time soon!
Mom and I are still busily working on her sewing room. Things are coming together pretty well.


Kristie said...

OMG! 15 Packages!!! We have a tiny post office that probably 2 people couldn't actually fit in it! But they are really nice.

Have fun working on your mom's sewing room!!! Sounds like alot of work, but fun work!

Connie said...

Holy smokes--15???? You truly must have a cape and a lasso of truth hidden out in a closet out there in the hills of ND! Only Wonder Woman could plan a wedding, get married, have her honeymoon, come back and do the quilting challenge, and then take on a project like this!! Yikes!

Be sure to take pics of the sewing studio! I love to see how other folks set up their sewing spaces!