Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Clean Sweep Before...

Three and a half years ago in February my parents moved into the house they live in now. Less than a week into putting stuff away, my mom fell down the stairs and broke her right ankle. So needless to say she was layed up for 6 weeks, but couldn't do much for 12 weeks. This was just after she had breast cancer surgery in July, radiation, and chemo and my grandma passing away, all with in 6 months. My grandpa passed away a year later in Aug. My brother and his wife got married, and then Paul and I got married, so my mom has had a lot of stress in the past 4 years! She never quite got around to getting her sewing room set up so it was useful. I kept saying I would come help her, but it wasn't a 1 or 2 day project, we knew it was going to have to be a full 3 day weekend.
So Friday night I went to my parents with my mom and I took these before pictures...
This is coming into the room, there is about a 3 foot hall way and to my right is the very small closet, behind the door to the room. This picture shoes the full bed on the wall ( the extra bedroom when Paul and I come home) and her Horn cutting table.
Going around the room counter clockwise this is the north wall with lots of organizational places to put thing and the ironing board. (It's a big board Paul and I made out of OSB board and covered with thinsulate and batting and pink ribbon fabric.)
This is the west wall, where there is a eight foot counter top for her machines, serger thread on the left side of the window, and lots of small tool drawers to the right.
This is the south west corner where the TV and thread is and more plastic drawers of embroidery thread.
This is the south wall and it has tons of plastic drawers for fabric. The big drawers are by color. There is a wood cabinet below the drawers, but you can't see it as it was hidden and hard to get to.
This is looking toward the east wall, same as the first one, but from a different angle, the cutting table and microwave cart of embroidery supplies.
These are the before pictures. My mom is only home one or two days a week, so she doesn't have time to clean, when she has to be sewing samples for her classes at the store. We had our own clean sweep and took everything except the furniture out of the room and started moving furniture. We got everything out on Sat. while we were watching my beautiful niece Molly. Mom and I got to babysit all day while her parents went to the city. Check back later for the after!

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Ohhhhh...I would love to plunder around in there!!!!!