Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Down, Two to Go!

All I can say is I have an awesome dealer! I took my machine in on Monday and he looked at it, replaced the fuse and serviced it and I was able to pick it up on Tues. I was so excited that after mom and I ran errands I came home and finished quilting this wall hanging. It's the one I was working on when the machine quit. It's a VERY old UFO. I think I made it two or three years ago or so. I worked at Mt. Rushmore four summers while I was in college and then for two summers while I was teaching school. We always got a special staff t-shirt as well as half off in the gift shop where I worked, so I had a lot of t-shirts. I combined them all into a wall hanging. I had the top all ready and the back ready, but hadn't quilted it. I found it when I went to look for another UFO, so I pulled it out to practice my stars and loops on the frame. It's all quilted now and I just need to find something for binding.

September 08 Quilts 002
Below is a picture of the top. I had a lot with just the little front patch and some that were wider fronts, so I combined them. I'm definately not a quilt designer! I only had a couple yards of this material, so I made the quilt a large wall hanging size instead of a full size quilt.

September 08 Quilts 005
I'm pleased with how it turned out and with a little help with the stars I am now making them look like stars. I'm very pleased!
Last night I loaded the friendship quilt I'm working on. I thought I had it all right and then pulled out the directions and it's not right and now I think I have my frame set up wrong, so after this one is done I'm going to have to fix it. So far it's working though and I got two passes done before I called it a night. I'm so happy to have my machine back!


Suzan said...

I want a frame now for Jenny so badly that I can just about taste it! You, Jen and Jill are just cranking out the quilting!

Jen said...

It turned out great! I'm sooo glad you got your machine back and it didn't cost an arm and a leg!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Yay! Yippeee on the machine deal! Looks so great!

Regina said...

Glad it was a quick and easy fix. That quilt looks cool!

Kristie said...

Very nice job on the quilt! I have been thinking about putting back T-shirts to make Andrew a quilt for graduation. Right now he is only in the 10th grade but if I start now I would have a nice collection of shirts!