Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Clean Sweep After...

And after three days of cleaning and organizing for three days, notice the 5 o'clock on the clock... we finished at 5 on Monday night! As you enter the room now, we tipped the bed up on end, and put the ironing board in front of it. The fan is now on the floor.
This is the north west wall, we moved the counter top to the north wall and left all the small tool drawers where they were. Mom can now look out the north window and see who is coming into the drive way while she is sewing.
This is the west wall. We moved the cutting table over to the west wall in front of the window. The serger thread stayed put on the wall. All the embroidery supplies are now in the drawers under the cutting table. The other drawer set has all sewing related fabrics in it. Mom loves fabrics that related to sewing. Both are on wheels.
We took the two big drawers down from this spot and put 4 skinnier drawers next to each other, which hold the fabric better. They are still by color. the small drawers on top are supplies like elastic, ribbon and other things you need, but don't need out all the time. On top of those are three scrap bins, reds/blues/creams. All seperated and ready to be used.
We moved the wood cabinet over to this side of the room and all her books and patterns are on it. Thanks to Jen for the awesome bin idea! Patterns fit in them so well. We also got a couple cinder blocks and put them under the cabinet so it is up off the floor and more usable. It's full of backing fabrics and Christmas fabrics.
This is as you would go out the door to the south east. The door is where the closet of batting is located.
This is an overview of the room from the door.
This is from the southwest corner. The quilt covering the bed was made by my grandma on my dad's side. The printer/ copier is on the microwave cart. Mom read that you should have a copier in your sewing room for doing paper piecing. It works great and it's linked to the embroidery laptop, so she can print out templates if she needs to.
When we come to visit we just have to take down the ironing board and scoot the bed out and it will go right in the center of the room. Before we had to move the cutting table each time we came. I think this all came together. We folded fabric for an hour and realized it was going to take us a day to actually get the folding done, so that is one thing my mom can do as time permits. We are hoping to have a two day sewing weekend in November on the opening weekend of deer season and make Loralie quilts. We both have a bunch of her fabrics and panels and want to make a quilt. We're hoping we can manage to both be off and get to spend time sewing together.
It was a ton of work getting the room back in shape, but it looks great! Plus I gained about 5 quilts/batting/backing pieced to practice quilting on! Yeah I have something to practice on now!!


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

What a great job the two of you did. Now she's so organized and will probably spend every free minute in there just sewing and being happy. Great job. I have a spare room that needs a Clean Sweep if you are looking for another challenge.

Kristie said...

wOW! Everything looks so nice! She really have a GREAT sewing room! I'm sure she is very happy!

Gina said...

And I thought I had a lot in my room. well done on getting it all sorted out.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Trish said...

Wow... what a difference. The room looks great.

Michelle said...

It looks great, Moneik. I bet your mom is just giddy hoping to spend every spare moment in her sewing space.

Jennifer said...

Wow! What a you rent out your services? Hope your mom enjoys sewing in the new area!

Hazel said...

I bet your mom is soooooo happy ,it looks great .What a lot of work ,you must have been beat by time you were finished .What a great daughter you are .

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

That looks great. Now, that you've gotten that done, what say you come and help me can the rest of these tomatoes? Giggle!

vtquilter said...

The sewing room looks great! Want to come work on mine? Thanks for the bag and the comment on my blog.

Connie said...

That room looks awesome!! And what a great place that will be over the coming winter to curl up and get some serious sewing done!

Jen said...

Her room looks fantastic!!!