Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday Week 17 - 4/25/12

So I've missed a few WIP Wednesdays, but I'm back with the few things I've been doing. Good Friday my two good friends Jenn and Emilee and our 4 kids went on a road trip to hit the last 4 shops on the shop hop. Boy did we have a good time. With 4 kids under 5 it took longer, but we did enjoy the park, the waterfall, and a nice walk at lunch time. Plus we had lots of laughs. I couldn't ask for better quilting friends.
I added this pink deep art bin case to my studio and promptly added all the fat quarters I have collected for a winding ways quilt.

Quilt 2012-04-07 010
Jen the Cre8tive Quilter sent me this awesome Jennifer Chiaverini fabric and the Amelia fabric I'd been wanting along with the book the Wedding Quilt. I just finished reading a book on my Nook, so now it's time to read a "real" book. The book is even signed! How cool is that?
Quilt 2012-04-10 001
She also made me this incredible cover for my Nook. I can't believe how it rocks and totally saved me from having to make one.
Quilt 2012-04-10 002
In my limited sewing time the last 3 weeks, I made these 4 little wallets for my college roommates and myself. We got together the weekend after Easter in Sioux Falls and celebrated our 10 year class reunion. It was fun hanging out with them.

Quilt 2012-04-10 003
Last week I finished up this book bag tote that I had been making as a sample. I thought I screwed up the bottom, so I left it and as it turns out I just had to put the handles on and turn it and it was done. I had read the directions correctly! So glad to have it done.

Quilt 2012-04-18 002
When I was in Sioux Falls I went to Heirloom Creations. I found the purple and the white with purple polka dots to add to the daisies Jen got me, so now I have to figure out a pattern to use. I can't wait to see what I can come up with for this fabric. I love the purple and I'm sure Mikaela needs a new throw size quilt for her bed.
Quilt 2012-04-18 006
On Friday my old roomy Nich and I went to Brookings and checked out the SDSU campus. So much has changed, yet so much is the same. The good old Campanile is the same or the big P on the Prairie as we used to call it. I remember climbing all the way to the top in the good old days.
SDSU 2012-04-13 005
Since I've been in such a rut, I haven't really done any sewing for the past 3 weeks. Monday night I finally worked on the Sketchbook cover and finished it, but that's it.
In an effort to rejuvenate myself, I took on a swap today to try to get back in the groove. I'm so excited to do something outside the box and I can't wait to see how it turns out! Onward and upward! I'm starting a new project today!
New Projects this Week:

Bright Idea Challenge
Finished this week:
4 Wallets
Book Bag Sample
Sketchbook Cover
Ongoing projects:  (and progress this week on them) 
Swoon - 2 Blocks done
Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Blush Quilt 
Pink/Brown Friendship Quilts
Buggy Barn Pink/Brown Extra Blocks
Pink/Green Jungle Animal Baby Quilt
Confetti Top
Friendship Block Swap Top
Twisted Heart
Merry Go Round
No progress:
Mocha Meringue Wonder Blocks- Together, needs 3 borders
Jim Shore Quilt - None
Ed's Crown Royal Quilt - Started sashing
This week's stats:
Completed projects -6
New projects -1
Currently in progress - 6
Finished this year - 31 , 7 Samples

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Sara said...

The Campanile had the same nickname in the early 70's when I was at SDSU. I love that campus!

And you have been very busy! Cute bags.

Colleen said...

The P on the Prairie= LOVE IT! You're in a rut... when was the last time you saw something quilt related on my blog? Quilting's taking a back seat to scrapbooking right now. But I love seeing what you're creating!

Jen said...

What an awesome, jam packed post!! I'm so happy you enjoyed your goodies!!! I can't wait to get started on our swap!