Monday, April 02, 2012

Mikaela 14 Months

Mikaela turned 14 months old on March 19th. She's on the move really well now and loves to play outside. She thinks my rocking chair is great. She's big enough to crawl in and turn around and sit down now.
Mikaela 2012-03-25 001
Last weekend we went to an auction sale to meet up with my dad, brother, and niece. Mikaela loved being outside and running around.
Mikaela 2012-03-25 013
She even wore her pink boots from grandpa. She played int he dirt while daddy talked to his friend Jory.
Mikaela 2012-03-25 019
During the week, she had a very dirty day at daycare, but came home and still wanted to play out in the dirt. She just loves being outside and running around.
Mikaela 2012-03-27 019
She plays with her pink horse.
Mikaela 2012-03-29 002
And runs all over!
Mikaela 2012-03-29 009
On the grass, or concrete, it doesn't matter, she loves to run and play.
Mikaela 2012-03-29 013
She can even let herself out now and loves to go stand on the deck.
Mikaela 2012-03-30 001
This weekend we went to Canyon Lake and walked around for a while. It was gorgeous! In the 80's in March in SD is unheard of!
Mikaela 2012-03-31 003
Mikaela would have rather been out of the stroller though.
Mikaela 2012-03-31 008

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