Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Friends and family sent lots of flowers to mom's funeral and they were all beautiful. The Class of '98 sent these orange and white flowers. Our school colors were orange and black. 
They also remembered me on my birthday with a beautiful purple carnation. I was so touched by my classmates thoughtfulness.
February 010
My quilting friends Jenn, Gaila, and Shonna sent this beautiful arrangement. I'm so grateful to have such wonderful friends who are so supportive.
We had the comfort signature quilt that the Cre8tive group, Jen, Regina, and Patti made for mom last year with her flowers. It turned out so great with the signatures of so many supporters of mom. There were two benefit breakfasts and a benefit pie social where friends and family signed the quilt. I love going back and reading all the messages on it.
When I got home there were two flower shops trying to deliver plants. This bonsie plant is from Dr. Kerr and NAU. It is really cool and I look forward to having it in my office at work when I return in 2 weeks.
February 031
The Registrar's Office sent this Peace Lily which is my absolute favorite plant. This one is huge in comparison to one's I've had before. It's almost 3 feet tall. I'm so glad they were delivered to the house so I didn't have to try and get them home. We had no room when we returned, the car was packed to the hilt!
February 003
All our MN cousins were with us for the day. We always try to take a picture of all of us together when we're gathered. My family is on the top row and the cousins are on the bottom row.

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Jen said...

I always get a kick out of your family pictures! I'm glad you guys remember to take them because we don't!!