Tuesday, March 01, 2011

February Quilting Accomplishments

This month went by way too quickly and I accomplished very little. Even my quilting hours were very low for the month. I spent several days at the hospital and the middle of the month I spent over a week at my dad's house. It was great to spend time with my family and not feel like I needed to be anywhere else. I'm so thankful for all the cards, emails, comments, and words of comfort on the passing of my mom. I was unable to respond to them all, but please know how much they mean to me. My dad was shocked at how many quilters my mom had touched. He didn't know she knew so many people.
I was able to finish the top of one of the Snowflake table toppers. I would like to get this quilted in the next month.
I made this Zippy Strippy bag for a Groovy Girls sample
I also made a couple of Sweet Treat bags.
Then a few more Sweet Treat bags, super easy!
I used up the scraps to make another Zippy Strippy!
Then I made bottle covers.

They all turned out really cute. I love the Dippy Daisy fabric.
I love the green/brown/teal combo too.

So my month wasn't very productive quilting wise, but it was great being home and spending time with Mikaela. We'll be a bit more productive in March! I've started prepping a quilt to load on the frame and hopefully get quilted this week. February only had about 30 hours of quilting time. I'm loving the new mobile feature of blogger allowing bloggers to set their setting for mobile format. I've spent a lot of time reading blogs in the middle of the night on my phone, so I love being able to read so many this way.
March goals:
Quilt Double Irish Chain
Quilt Snowflake Table topper

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