Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mikaela 9 Weeks

Mikaela turned 9 weeks old on March 23rd. She's growing so big and getting stronger every week. I figured her Jacks shirt would be great for her pictures. The quilt she's laying on was made by my quilty friend Cindy. I just love the rag quilt and it's so warm and cuddly!
Mikaela 297
She has the biggest blue eyes. I love how the camera captures the details of he eyelashes and drool!
Mikaela 330
She got the Kick and Crawl Gym from my friends Amy, Joe, & Jacob. We just put it together this weekend and she loves it! She can reach the two rattles with her hands and they make noise, which she's recognizing more and more.
Mikaela 347
She gets pretty smiley when she realizes she has hit one.
Mikaela 348
It has a ball to kick and she is able to kick it, just a little bit. As she gets bigger I'm sure she'll be swinging for it more and more.
Mikaela 352
She loves to bounce on daddy's knee and ride it like a horsey. She loves bouncing on anything! Look at how well she holds her head up!
Mikaela 358
We also worked on some tummy time for her. She's very good at pushing herself up and holding her head up.
Mikaela 359
She'll be moving soon with this pose!
Mikaela 360


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Great pics, Moneik! She's just adorable! Man...can you believe how much she's grown already?

Janet said...

What a cutie. Babies grow so quickly. Enjoy every moment--they go fast. Isn't it fun to watch her learn new things? I love to look back at pictures of my girls.