Thursday, July 01, 2010

June Quilting Accomplishments

This month I kept my goals simple because I knew I wouldn't accomplish a whole lot. I was very busy and luckily finally got some of my quilting mojo back so I could get a few things accomplished. While most of the things I got done were not on the list, I feel great about where I am with my goals.
My two June Goals:
Finish Jewel Box Quilt - Finished the top, quilted and Binding Done!
Finish Lego Wedding Quilt - Bordered t-shirts, sashed, and bordered Wedding Quilt. Top is on the frame and partially quilted. Two weeks till the wedding!

In addition I also did a few other quilting projects:
Finished the binding on construction panel #2 quilt
Quilted and Binding on Grader Tablerunner for my dad
Made another Wanna Be a Cowboy Quilt top
Made a pillowcase for my friend Jen
Sewed 132 HST's for the Friendship HST exchange
Made Merry a quilt top
Finished the Sign Language baby quilt
Cut out Margo bag
Quilted both pink and brown Wanna Be a Cowboy quilts
Made my niece a pillowcase to go with her quilt for her birthday.

In other news:
Karen got me a "My First SDSU" t-shirt when she went to Brookings.
I attended the BHQG quilt show.
We visited the ranch and went fishing for a weekend with my family.
Spent an awesome Girls Night Out sewing with my friends at Gaila's house.
I taught a professional tote class.

We'll be away several weekends in July, so I probably won't get much accomplished, but I'll have a few goals. We're headed to the ranch for the long weekend and then the BIG MN wedding is in a couple weeks.
 July Goals:
Finish quilting and binding the wedding quilt
Bind 2 Wanna Be A Cowboy Quilts
Make Margo bag

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