Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lots of Dots

Last night I was really productive when I got home from work. I de-boned the chicken Paul smoked for me on Sunday. I cut up a fresh pineapple and blanced peaches for peaches and cream. But then the Bachelorette just sucked me in. I like to hear the guys perspective and some of the outakes made me laugh histerically. But I got very little done in the sewing studio. It was so hot here, 95, and didn't cool off until about 4 this morning. I did go down to sew, but only ended up cutting, I was too worn out. I cut out a Lots of Dots sample Schlep bag for my class tomorrow night. I want to be able to show lots of different options for the bag, so I'm making another one.  This one will have 6.5" squares. The top squares are the outer and inner parts of the bag, the black big dots are the setting triangles and the little dots on black are the handles. I should be able to whip this one up quickly tonight and have it ready for class. It's much cooler today and it might even rain.

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piecesofpatti said...

Such happy fabrics!