Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quilting... sort of

This week I received an awesome prize from Cyndi. She had a drawing for a Moda Blush Jelly Roll. I'm so excited that I was the winner. I've loved the blush line, but never found a place to buy it. Now I have this wonderful Jelly roll - my first Jelly roll and I'm thinking about doing the hexagon quilt along with it. I have the ruler on order and I think it's the perfect project for it. Now I just have to find the time to work on it.
Last night after making Salted Carmel brownies, I headed down to the sewing studio. Seems I haven't done much down there this week, so I pulled out the t-shirts for a t-shirt quilt I'm making for my cousins wedding. I started ironing on the interfacing and squaring them up. I have about 6 more to do and then I can start making them all the same size... not quite sure what that will be yet. I've narrowed it down to 12.5 and 9.5 cut and then I'll add borders and sashing. I have to have this one done by mid July, so I've gotta get cracking on it. At least I've got a start on it.


Cindy said...

I have to admit, Moneik, I'm REALLY excited to see what you do with the T-shirts. It'll be awesome.

Jen said...

WOw, I totally forgot about the Tshirt quilt!!! You'll get it done, we know you!!

Phyllis in Minnesota said...

Is there any possibilty of sharing your delicious sounding brownie recipe? I would appreciate it and thank you.

piecesofpatti said...

I too will be anxious to see the finished t-shirt quilt. Sounds interesting!

Judy said...

Sounds awesome!

Lori said...

hehe--I see I'm not the only one who would love the recipe~~!