Monday, October 19, 2009

Quilters ADD weekend

This weekend I felt like I was a Quilter with ADD. I jumped from project to project to project. I didn't finish anything, but I did get a lot accomplished. There is only one project I haven't touched on my October goals - Gobble Gobble. I have 8 days to at least try to work on it. Then I leave for Disney World and won't be back until the 31st!
Saturday I worked my first day at The Sewing Center. Since the quilt shop I worked at closed, I took a part time job at TSC. I'll also be teaching Janome Basics classes, Beginning Machine Quilting, and Fast & Furious Baby Quilt classes in Nov/Dec. The newsletter should come out this week, so I'm hoping lots of people sign up for all my classes. The day was great and I sold my first machine! It was definately a crazy busy day. Since they close earlier on Sat. I was home by 3 and ready to sew! I quilted a floor mat for my favorite toddler. It's a baby quilt size, so it quilted up quickly.
Later I helped Paul clean out the garage since the weather was in the 70's. I found a great table that would work for my cutting table. I just had to convince him to clean it off!
In the evening while Paul was watching the race I worked on the first Crown Royal quilt. I had it on my design wall as a large throw, so I needed about 10 more blocks. A quick text from my bro Ed and I realized he'd really like a double size, so my 52 blocks turned in to 3 1/2 rows and I now need to make 91 more blocks! Since they don't really have to be layed out, I sewed the first 4 rows together. Then I worked at laying out the Koi OBW. I got it looking a little better, but it was late so I quit for the day. Here's the layout I came up with.
Sunday after church, errands, and deep cleaning the house, I convinced Paul to let me use the table. I cleaned out the closet, cleaned up the cutting area and we moved the furniture. I got my cutting/ironing surface all cleaned up and I was ready for a new project. I trimmed up the 3 baby quilts I had quilted and put binding on each of them. Then I went back to working on the OBW. I got about half of the first two rows together. The one's on the far right in the picture below are sewn together. Then I went upstairs to watch Amazing Race and I did the hand stitching of binding on the first quilt. I got one side done in the hour I worked on it. Then it was back to working on the OBW again. I finished the first two rows before calling it a night. It's really easy to sew the pieces together, but more challenging to keep them in the right order.
My goals this week are to finish sewing the rows for the OBW and hopefully get the top together without borders. I'd like to get some more CR blocks fussy cut out and get them made up. Maybe I'll shoot for two more rows of blocks. I also want to pull out my Gobble Gobble fabric and start playing with it. I'm going to work on the bindings during my lunch hours this week.

100 Blocks 100 Days ~ 176 Blocks/ Day 36


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I love that quilt! Everytime you show it, I'm amazed. Did you ever show the original fabric, before you cut it? I'll go look now. Beautiful, Moneik!

cowgirl commentaries said...

I love this quilt! Very pretty. I cannot believe how much you get done! I have so many projects sitting around here that I don't even know where to start!

Jen said...

I know, I'm slow on the commenting. It looks great!!