Sunday, October 11, 2009

Productive Weekend

I feel like I had one of the most productive weekends! I actually got to spend several hours each day quilting which I always enjoy. Last night I made this Tag-a-long bag for my Disney trip. I made it in a little over 3 hours starr to finish. It has a zipper in in which will be great for carrying my camera and wallet.


Today I had grand plans to quilt, but first I started by doing a thorough cleaning of my sewing studio. I re-organized my books and magazines, dusted, swiffered, and mopped. It feels great to be able to start quilting in a clean room. I started by quilting this Noah's Ark quilt. I had put the borders on it earlier in the week, so it was ready to be quilted. I was able to get it done in a couple hours.
It's for a very close friend who just had a little boy. I hope they like it. I still have binding to put on, but the quilting is done.
Then I loaded this baby quilt for my friend Angie's little girl Hannah. I quilted green in the borders and a multi all over the center. This one still needs binding, but it's completely quilted.
I used a light thermore batting, so it will be more snuggly.
Yesterday was my last day to work at the quilt shop. This week it will be moving. While I've really enjoyed it for the last year, it was so nice to have today off. On my last day I picked up some of the baby sign language fabric. I have a quilt planned and I think I may even start it this week. I'm sewing with Jenn this week, so it should be a fun, easy quilt to make while we catch up. I'm really looking forward to all the projects I can complete now.

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Jen said...

You're just rocking out the frame quilting!! Looks great!